Jack's Corner This site is dedicated to the memories that we have all shared together.  We've all been there, fought side-by-side played together and worked hard to accomplish the jobs and the mission at hand.  We may not be able to remember all the names, but the faces will linger in our memories until there is no tomorrow.
Sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee..   Let me take you on  a journey to places that I have been, to see things that I have seen, and to meet some of  the nice people that I have met along the way.......
research and locator files for the us army units in thailand
A morning cup of coffee
HQ, 9th Logistical Command USARSUPTHAI - Thailand
Historical Section
Support Units
Engineer Units
Signal Units
Medical Units
Transportation Units
Camp USARTHAI                                         Camp Friendship
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Inspiration for this site comes from the little guy on the left.  Visit the homepage of my mentor and friend.  Check out the photos and rosters from Franco "Mahknut" Picchione.
Sea Bees In Thailand
Jack Cook
SFC E-7, US Army Retired
28 Apr 64 - 31 May 84
Last Date Posted:  10/30/08
A SPECIAL THANK YOU:  I want to express my deepest appreciation to Frank Picchione, Mac Thompson, Floyd McGurk, John Strain, Joe Wilson and the TLC-Brotherhood for assisting me up to this point.  I know that they will all continue to help me to get this site up to the standards to be able to provide accurate and timely information to all who come our way.  From the bottom of my heart..................Jack Cook
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