As                                                                  a Nikkei organization, the Japan Chapter in conjunction with the Kobe City                                                                   Government Tokyo Branch Office, Sao Paulo                                                                   Shimbun Tokyo Branch, Nihon Imin Gakkai, and other                                                                organizations in Japan, support the drive for                                                                   the preservation of the former Kobe Immigration                                                                   Center in Kobe (a temporary relocation center                                                                 for soon to be immigrants, prior to leaving                                                                 Japan for over 70 years until the early 1970s) and preserving the rich history of Japanese                                                                   immigration worldwide to the next generation.  

United                             States Embassy in Tokyo   ???????g?

?@?@NikkeiNetas                            Groups
Indonesia                                             Nikkeijin Shien Kyokai     ?C???h?l?V?A??n?l?x????
Phillippine                                      Nikkeijin                                       Shien No Kai     ?t?B???s????n?l?x????
Nikkei                                    Netas Group   ?j?b?P?C?l?b?^?X?N???[?v?X
Yokohachi-kai                                            ??{?????????  

Yonamine                                             Pearls    ?^???p?[???Y
Imai                                             Limited  ?@??????C?}?C-                                        ?u???W????????????????                                  
Latin                                                  Yamato S.A.    ????????e????a                                      ?u???W???H?i?E???E?

DIAMANTES                                    ?f?B?A?}???e?X
AREAREA                                   ?A???A???A

Japanese                                                Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum    ??c?@?l                                                                                  - ??????????@?@ 
Nisei                                                Baseball Research Project    ????????T?[?`?v???W?F?N?g                                  ?@

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