About the Author

OK, the reason there are two pictures of myself is because I came to the conclusion that I cannot begin telling about myself without talking about the obvious difference between the two.

To the right you will see what I used to look like and even though it was taken in 1999, it is basically what I looked like up until July of 2000. For some reason, I wore hats quite a bit for I do not do that so much now. But, it's a Jayhawk hat so I can be forgiven.

How did I lose the weight? The old staple of diet and exercise. Here's a big key: not eating late. You can actually eat, within reason, anything you want. It all depends on quanity and the time you eat it. The morning and the mid-day are the times when the body will be burning the calories so that is the time you can eat more than a stalk of celery.

I dropped roughly 100 pounds and I fluctuate between 220 and 235 depending on the time of year. I started lifting weights in October of '99 but then stopped, took it up again in July of 2000 and from there I dropped the weight. I did the creatine thing (it is safe if you use it properly) and I used EAS products. I would drink some of that, go work out, have another glass, wait an hour, eat lunch, eat dinner about 5 hours later, and then eat nothing else the rest of the day. Plus, I drank water like a fish. That is another big key.

Presently, I am in the Masters of Divinity program at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, (Oviedo) FL. I graduated with a B.A. in Bible from Bryan College in Dayton, TN. Some time before that, I managed to obtain a certificate in Food, Preparation & Management as well as an A.A. (General Studies) from South Florida Community College. My middle school and high school years were spent in Sebring, FL, home of the Blue Streaks. Some day I'd like to either be a sports team chaplain or teach church history/historical theology at a Christian undergraduate institution.

Favorite sports teams: Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals, Orlando Magic, and to a lesser extent, the USC Trojans (football).

Recent Past: For over 2-1/2 years I worked for the News-Sun in the pre-press departments as well as covering sports. In my time as a sports writer, I've had the privilege of talking to Darrell Armstrong of the Orlando Magic, attending a game between the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the Royals (Turn out to be the shortest game in American League history, 2-1 TB)

Some of the highschoolers I have covered or have watched play have been:

Eric Zwayer -- starting center for the Richmond Spiders and former Sebring Blue Streak.

Adrian McPherson -- I only saw him in basketball but in one game against Sebring, it was a scorer's duel between him and Eric's brother, Clint (who was at VMI but has since moved on) in one of the best games I've seen. McPherson went to the same high school as former FSU great and Cincinnati Bengel, Peter Warrick. Of course now, he is not even playing at FSU because of a gambling issue.

Matt Leach -- This sucker kicked a 50-yard field goal against Sebring, preventing a Blue Streak upset of ranked Sarasota Booker. If it wasn't for that blasted sweep play on fourth-and-inches...

Lavaar Scott -- First team All-State in class 4A his senior year. Played baseball and basketball.

I will try to remember more in the future.


I enjoy reading very much. (It helps when you're in seminary!) I attribute that to a friend of mine named Seth Spiegel, who died my senior year of high school. He read books like it was going out of style and some of that enthusiasm rubbed off on me. Most of my books I have to read are about the Bible, theology, or church history, but I do have some other works that are classics like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Around the World in 80 Days, Uncle Tom's Cabin. I enjoy reading the newspaper from time to time.

My favorite one in Florida is the Orlando Sentinel because it has the best sports section around. It blows away the Tampa Tribune, I know that. I usually judge a paper by it's sports section and how many stories are authored by the actual staff of the paper and the number of columns there are. I still have a thing for the printed word. Since it's not the 24th century yet, we can't exactly read an electronic notepad book in bed yet. The Palm Beach Post is another good one.

In order to find out what on earth is happening with the Royals, Chiefs, et al, I go to the Kansas City Star. For Jayhawk sports, there's only one place to look and that is the Lawrence Journal-World. Also, there's some place called the Rock Chalk Zone where they talk about Kansas Basketball.

I do like to write, of course. I can't put my finger on who said it, but someone said in order to be able to write like a book, you've got to read about four to six times the information content that would be in your book. Now what to write about, that's another story.

Like I said before, I workout with weights and I'll shoot a little hoop now and then because I'm pretty good, but only at shooting because I stink on defense. I can cook and I can do more than scramble eggs. Some buffoons can't even do that. I thought I might be doing that as a career but that would've eventually led to a premature death, so I got out of it. Not because of eating, but because of the mental and physical stress. I've worked in restaurants and I've vowed never to do so again. Anyway, I can cook my own meals no problem. I don't have to buy already-prepared food in order to survive.

Listening to music is a great pasttime. I always have tunes going in the car. Ever since my CD player in my car broke, I've been listening to the radio and I either play oldies or classic rock. I'd say my favorite is Creedance Clearwater Revival. My favorite Christian band is Petra. I'm trying to get every work they ever did. It'll be a while but I think I can do it. The Joy FM is the station out of Sarasota (88.1) that in Sebring is picked up on 90.7, so if you're in Florida, tune in. Orlando area stations to listen to are News Radio 540, 740 the Team, Positive Hits Z88.3, The New Cool 100.3 & Classic Rock 96.5. If you happen to be in the Chattanooga area, the Christian station is 103.1. The oldies is 104.9 out of Dayton and classic rock is 106.5 WSKZ.

I can't leave out reading the Bible. Regular Bible studies, if you can find a good one with a small group, are very encouraging and I would recommend hooking up with one somewhere. Remember that when studying the Bible, there is nothing wrong with checking out commentaries. These give you a lot of the background, context, and genre that is important to know to accurately understand what is written.

My e-mail address is jacqueshock@hotmail.com. Drop me a line if you'd like. I enjoy answering questions about different things.