My Thoughts

Today, I just want to share something that's been on my mind for quite a long time. It has to do with sin and sometimes how good Christian people are tempted by it, but still go through with the sin anyway, because being good is too hard. I'm basically copying word for word (aside from some variations of grammatical proportions) out of my notebook what I wrote when I was again dwelling on the question: What is so bad about being good?

I don't think some people seem to realize that sin is what brings us down in the first place. Yes, it does "feel good", but only for a time. Sin has its season and that season does not last forever. But then again, may be that's the point. Since sin only feels good for a time, you participate in it until you start to feel the guilt (at which point it doesn't start to feel so good) and then you stop. I've done this so I'm as guilty as anyone else.

However, there are types of sin that are flat out preventable and the only reason they are committed is because someone got themselves in a sticky situation with prior knowledge of what would happen. For example, we always say that a sin is a sin is a sin in God's eyes, and that's true. However, because we're human, we bring down greater judgement on greater kinds of sin. There is obviously a huge difference between making a mean remark about someone (usually under stress) and sleeping with someone when you're not married (fornication) or sleeping with another person's spouse (adultery). The first sin is usually done off the hilt without thinking. The other two, however, involve thinking and they do not just spontaneously occur as the first one might. See my point?

A real-life example of this is a Christian friend of mind, young in Chirst, who is struggling with the concept of how God loves people, whether Jesus is all he's cracked up to be, and so one. I do not pass judgement on her for these struggles because I've seen in the past two years since her salvation that she's growing. Anyway, about a year and half ago, I remember her making the comment saying to the effect, "Sometimes I think I just want to walk along the beach topless if I'm in France." Apparently, there are several nude beaches in France. Nudity seems to be more prevalent in society there and I pray that America stop heading in that direction.

I, of course, was a bit concerned for her. I did not want her to do this but I did not come out and say it outright. Yes, she could have done/did that. It would not have affected her standing with God, but what it does is temporarily stop the fellowship that she has with the Lord by provoking the sexual emotions of any man that sees her. Seen another way, if she told someone that she was a Christian, but then that same person saw her walking along the beach topless, what would they think? Well, they sure wouldn't think she was serving God, I'll tell you that. It's not so much that she's exposing a part of her body that should be held in reserve for her future husband, but it's that her witness will now not be as effective. Whatever people think about Christian integrity and purity, degrading it like it's garbage at a dump, don't believe it. Deep inside, they admire those qualities in a person and they are looking intently at Christians' lives to see if they're living up to Jesus' standards. I don't think my friend actually did what she thought about doing. At least I hope not.

Here's what I wrote last week:

What is so bad about being good? Is being good really boring or are we just looking in the wrong places and the wrong people in order to have a good time? Is it possible to have fun while being good? Good, meaning not intentionally sinning.

Why would anyone, when they know the Lord is good, go do something intentionally because they know it's not what God wants, just to feel they did something to "break free"? Jesus said, "Anyone who sins is a slave to sin." Who wants to be a slave to sin? Is this not the life that we left when Jesus Christ came into our heart? Is being a slave to Christ not good enough anymore? Is He too boring, too restrictive, not with it?

I think the reason I, and others, sometimes get that way is because we really haven't reached out like we should have. Jesus had deep personal relationships with many people, which is what life here on earth should be like. We feel like God isn't moving fast enough for our tastes; He's always too slow. Therefore, since we can't wait, we jump ahead with our own plans, regardless of who or what it's with.

Can't wait, gotta have it now
I'm so hungry I could eat a cow.
Let's get some fast food in our pickup truck
that cost an awful lot, stretching the buck.

Let's eat with people we really don't know,
dip our hands in the cup, now we're really gonna show:

"I'm the one!" who wants to have fun. "I'm the one!" who'll run naked in the sun.

It's all good for me, it really won't hurt.
Nobody's gonna notice my Christian T-shirt
I wore earlier while saying my prayers.
I'm not worried about the Big Man upstairs

I just want to see what it's like, you know?
I'm not doing bad, really, I'm not.
Man, nobody'll know. I just want to have a little fun, that's all.
Yeah, yeah, that person doesn't reflect my beliefs but, well, they look so pretty.

But, uh, I guess . . . I guess I screwed up. What was I thinking?
God, will you forgive me? I've learned. God, how can I have fun? Amen.

Woman, who is here to condemn you?"
"No one, sir."
"Then neither do I condemn you. Now go and sin no more."