My Thoughts

My thoughts today are on the youth of Bible Fellowship Church of Sebring, FL, who are at a Student Life came in Talladega, AL.

I was a chaperone on last year's trip in Cleveland, TN on the campus of Lee University. I found the worship to be outstanding and meaningful, the teaching extroidinary, and the activities fun. I learned a lot about myself at the camp, and I was 23 years old. Rick Ousley is once again the featured speaker and I think that's good because he really seems to connect with youth well and there should be plenty who need to be connected to God.

I won't make this My Thoughts section long. I just want to make a prayer list, if you will; something I thought of a couple days ago. I pray that:

1. Those youth who have not yet made a personal committment to Jesus Christ would be touched by the Holy Spirit this week and do so.

2. Those riding the fence between Jesus and the World would make a bold stand to choose Christ and not the things of the world. (That will be the main theme this week with the John 17 as one of the main focal points.)

3. They will realize that sin only has its season but that with the Lord, joy is eternal. You can be a Christian and still have fun and be full of life because Jesus said, "I have come so that you would have life and have it more abundantly." I just pray that some of them realize this. I know several who have, namely Tina B., Garret H., and Kaleb G. (Last names withheld)

4. I want to pray specifically for Tara B. She's a young youth and a rising 7th grader. I just want God to speak to her this week and that she hear His voice, telling her that she needs to respond to Him in order to make changes in her life that will have a positive effect on her friends and better relationships with her family.

5. Finally, I want to pray for the chaperones/drivers. I pray that God will renew them on this trip and teach them many things as well. It's my hope they connect with the kids and that relationships are deepened. The same goes for the youth, that "they may be one, as we are one," as Jesus prayed to the Father.