My Thoughts

I really do need to update my web page more often. I have done that by changing a few items so they are current.

I guess today I want to post something funny. This came out of the News-Sun, my hometown paper, and it's a riot:

Investigation still continues with blue streakers

AVON PARK -- A number of Sebring High School students are accused of streaking through the campus of Avon Park High School, but as of Friday, there had been no arrests made.

"I can tell you that the matter is under investigation," said Avon Park Police Chief Frank Mercurio. "My understanding is that there are in fact sanctions for streaking with nothing more than blue paint on."

Mercurio said he had understood that those sanctions had been imposed by the school administrators, something that could not be confirmed Friday by officials at the Highlands County School's district office.

The chief also indicated that some parental sanctions also may have been imposed in the incident.

However, Mercurio left the door open to action, if parental and school sanctions were not sufficient.

"But if there is the necessity for criminal charges then we will file the appropriate paperwork on those individuals that are responsible for it," he said.

-- Originally published on October 21, 2001.

I have never seen anything like this happen and what's interesting is the rivalry football game between Sebring and Avon Park isn't for another two weeks. I'm going to do a William Safire here and say that sanctions may not be the appropriate word to use here. No, you should not go streaking in public, even with paint on you, but another word could have been used. I would say "penalties" because "sanctions" is usually used when talkintg about nations of the world, at least in today's society. Such as, "The United States has declared economic sanctions on Iraq."

If that's a bad example, e-mail me and I'll do something different. Bascially, this "My Thoughts" is a break from the usual and I hope it brings a smile to your face.