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The following magazines have featured Donald as their lead cover story feature.
Macleans (Canada), Sep 1 1970
Canadian, Mar 19 1977
Amis du Film et de la Télévision (Be), May/June 1977
 - as Casanova
Atlantic Insight, Sept 1980
Moviegoer, Nov 1983
GQ (US), Jan 1 1984
American Film, Apr 1984
Macleans (Canada), Aug 10 1987
TV Movie (Germany) Aug 1993
Any additions to this list are gratefully received

DS on GQ magazine

Click on the links below to read uploaded articles on Donald from previous decades:
Donald Sutherland - A Star for the 70's (early 70's) has a description of Donald as a cross between Jesus Christ and Mick Jagger (let's think about that.....)
Photoplay, September 1975 - Donald talks of the birth of his son Roeg, The Day of the Locust, S*P*Y*S, 1900 and the upcoming filming of Casanova.
Photoplay, February 1980 - Donald discusses the filming of Bear Island, his first taste of fame with M.A.S.H. and how not to impress Stanley Kubrick.

Major magazine articles on Donald:

Star Weekly 24 August 1968 Tommy Douglas' son-in-law is a movie star
Macleans September 1970 The Funniest Film Actor Canada Has Ever Produced
by Douglas Marshall
Screen Stories January 1971 Donald Sutherland A Man of Many Faces
by Mara Siles
Photo Screen January 1971 Donald Sutherland: The most 'With-It Actor Around!
by Shelby Stevens
Viva June 1975 Karen Black and Donald Sutherland
A candid talk with the co-stars of 'The Day of the Locust'
Photoplay (UK) September 1975 I Saw My Son Born!
Cosmopolitan October 1976 Looking for Mr Good-Star? Here's Donald Sutherland
by Richard Grenier
Films and Filming June 1978 Subjectivity
Company May 1979 Donald Sutherland - Devastating Eccentric
by Glenys Roberts
Photoplay (UK) February 1980 Sutherland in Shiverland for 'Bear Island'
Atlantic Insight (Can) September 1980 Donald Sutherland, actor
by Martin Knelman
The Movie - The Illustrated History Chapter 82, 1981 Look twice .. it may be Donald Sutherland
Cosmopolitan August 1981 Donald Sutherland: A far from Ordinary Man
by Guy Flatley
Mademoiselle February 1981 Donald Sutherland - The Beautiful Giraffe
by Claudia Dreifus
Esquire March 1981 The Quotable Donald Sutherland
by Carol Caldwell
Playboy October 1981 Playboy Interview: Donald Sutherland
American Film April 1984 Donald Sutherland's Seventh Innings Stretch
by Barbara Graustark
Macleans 10 August 1987 Heroics of an Antihero
Empire (UK) July 1995 Donald Sutherland - cry-baby
by Chris Tyler
Premiere September 1998 Idol Chatter: Donald Sutherland
1999 BTM
Macleans 28 February 2000 A Film Star Treads the Boards Again
Stern (Germany) 2000 Die Liebe Lebt Noch
Time Out (UK) May 2000 Canada Dry
by Peter Paphides
Biography June 2001 Character Study: Donald Sutherland


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