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Movie/TV Movie Appearances

1963 The World Ten Times Over Night Club Drunk
1964 Hamlet (TV) Fortinbras
1964 Castle of the Living Dead Sergeant Paul/The witch/The old man
1965 Die! Die! My Darling! (Fanatic) Joseph
1965 Dr Terror's House of Horrors Bob Carroll
1965 The Bedford Incident Hospitalman Nerny
1965 The American Civil War (TV) ?
1966 Promise Her Anything Autograph-seeking Father
1967 The Dirty Dozen Vernon L Pinkley
1967 Billion Dollar Brain Scientist at computer
(Also voice of 'the Brain')
1968 Interlude Lawrence
1968 Oedipus the King The Chorus Leader
1968 The Sunshine Patriot (TV) Benedeck
1968 The Split Dave Negli
1968 Sebastian Ackerman
1968 Joanna Lord Peter Sanderson
1970 M*A*S*H Capt Benjamin Franklin 'Hawkeye' Pierce
1970 Kelly's Heroes Sgt Oddball
1970 Act of the Heart Father Michael Ferrier
1970 Start the Revolution Without Me Charles Coupe/Pierre de Sisi
1970 Alex in Wonderland Alex Morrison
1971 Little Murders Reverend Dupas
1971 Klute John Klute
1971 Johnny Got His Gun Christ
1972 F.T.A. (Himself)
1973 Steelyard Blues Veldini
1973 Don't Look Now John Baxter
1973 Lady Ice Andy Hammon
1974 Alien Thunder (Dan Candy's Law) Dan Candy
1974 S*P*Y*S Brulard
1975 The Day of the Locust Homer Simpson
1976 1900 Attila
1976 The Eagle Has Landed Liam Devlin
1976 End of the Game Corpse of Lt Robert Schmied
1976 Casanova Giacomo Casanova
1977 The Disappearance Jay Mallory
1977 Blood Relatives Steve Carella
1977 The Kentucky Fried Movie Clumsy Waiter
1977 Bethune (TV) Dr Norman Bethune
1978 National Lampoon's Animal House Prof Dave Jennings
1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers Matthew Bennell
1979 Murder by Decree Robert Lees
1979 The First Great Train Robbery Agar
1979 A Man, A Woman and A Bank Reese Halperin
1979 Bear Island Frank Lansing
1980 Nothing Personal Roger Keller
1980 Ordinary People Calvin Jarrett
1981 Gas Nick the Noz
1981 Eye of the Needle Henry Faber 'die Nadel'
1981 Threshold Dr Thomas Vrain
1983 Max Dugan Returns Brian Costello
1983 The Winter of our Discontent Ethan Hawley
1984 Ordeal by Innocence Dr Arthur Calgary
1984 Crackers Weslake
1985 Heaven Help Us (Catholic Boys) Brother Thadeus
1985 Revolution Sgt Major Peasy
1986 The Wolf at the Door Paul Gauguin
1987 The Trouble with Spies Appleton Porter
1987 The Rosary Murders Father Bob Koesler
1988 Apprentice to Murder John Reese
1989 Lock Up Warden Drumgoole
1989 Lost Angels Dr Charles Loftis
1989 A Dry White Season Ben du Toit
1990 Buster's Bedroom O'Connor
1990 Bethune: The Making of a Hero Dr Norman Bethune
1991 Long Road Home (TV) (uncredited)
1991 Backdraft Ronald Bartel
1991 Scream of Stone Ivan
1991 JFK X
1991 Eminent Domain Joseph
1992 Quicksand: No Escape (TV) Victor Murdoch
1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Merrick
1992 The Railway Station Man Roger Hawthorne
1992 Shadow of the Wolf Henderson
1993 Benefit of the Doubt Frank Braswell
1993 Six Degrees of Separation 'Flan' Kittredge
1993 Younger and Younger Jonathan Younger
1993 Red Hot Kirov
1994 The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All (TV) Capt William Marsden
1994 The Puppet Masters Andrew Nivens
1994 Disclosure Bob Garvin
1994 Punch Craman
1994 The Lifeforce Experiment (TV) Dr MacLean
1995 Citizen X (TV) Col (General) Fetisov
1995 Outbreak General Donald McClintock
1995 Hollow Point Garrett Lawton
1996 A Time to Kill Lucien Wilbanks
1997 Natural Enemy (TV) Ted Robards
1997 Shadow Conspiracy Jake Conrad
1997 The Assignment Jack Shaw/Henry Fields
1998 Fallen Lt Stanton
1998 Without Limits Bill Bowerman
1998 Free Money Judge Rolf Rausenberg
1999 Virus Capt Everton
1999 Behind the Mask Dr Bob Shushan
1999 Instinct Ben Hillard
1999 The Hunley Gen Pierre Beauregard
2000 Panic Michael
2000 Space Cowboys Jerry O'Neill
2000 The Art of War UN Secretary General Douglas Thomas
2001 The Big Heist (TV) Jimmy Burke
2001 Uprising (TV) Adam Czerniakow
2001 - China
Big Shot's Funeral Don Tyler
May 2002 Path To War (TV) Clark Clifford

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Movie/TV Voiceovers

1965 Morgan - A Suitable Case for Treatment TV commentator
1976 La Spirale Narrator
1980 North China Commune Narrator
1981 A War Story Narrator of the Diary
1992 The Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas Narrator
1993 The Shadow Catcher Edward S Curtis
1993 The Great Books (TV series) Narrator
1996 The Simpsons
#7.16 'Lisa the Iconoclast'
Hollis Hurlbut
2000 Threads of Hope Narrator
2001 Empires - Queen Victoria's Empire Narrator
2001 Final Fantasy:The Spirits Within Dr Sid

TV Plays/Show/Series Appearances

1963 Terry Thomas TV Special
1963 For King and Country: Out There
Granada (UK) Play of the Week
Canadian patient in film hospital
? The Sentimental Agent
eps 'A Very Desirable Plot'
1965 The Death of Bessie Smith
Granada (UK) TV
1965 Gideon's Way
eps 'Millionaire's Daughter'
1965 The Saint
#3.23 'The Happy Suicide'
James McCleary
1966 Farewell to Arms Sim
1966 The Saint
#5.14 'Escape Route'
John Wood
1966 Lee Oswald - Assassin
1967 Man In a Suitcase
eps 'Day of Execution'
1967 Man in a Suitcase
eps' Which Way Did He Go, McGill?'
Keith Earle
1967 The Avengers
#5.12 'The Superlative Seven'
1969 The Champions
eps 'Shadow of the Panther'

Movie Documentaries/Features

1967 Operation Dirty Dozen
1975 The Cinema According to Bertolucci,
The Making of '1900'
1994 Inside the Actors Studio
2001 Scene by Scene,

Video Appearances

Baseball's Hall of Fame - "Donald Sutherland guides you on a tour of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y."
Kate Bush 'Cloudbusting' Music Video (as 'Daddy') - available on Kate Bush: The Whole Story (1986) video collection
Kate Bush speaks of working with Donald.


Conspiracy CD-ROM game (1992) - investigating corruption in the KGB - "Donald Sutherland is digitised with video and sound (to portray the game player's late father, Mikhail Stepanovich Rukov) and placed in Conspiracy's extensive help system for use throughout the game."
The Red Fox by Anthony Hyde - Audio Tape Reading

Corrections, Additions and Further Information Welcomed - especially regarding his lesser known appearances.

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