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Full Name: Donald McNichol Sutherland | Date of Birth: 17 July 1935
Birthplace: St John, New Brunswick, Canada | Height: 6'4"

Welcome to this fansite dedicated to actor Donald Sutherland.

Donald and co-star Rosamund Kwan take a photo-call in Berlin.
Big Shot's Funeral - Donald's latest big screen offering - a Chinese production filmed in half-English/half-Chinese, became the biggest grossing home-produced movie of all time in China on its Far Eastern release on 21 December 2001. Donald attended the 52nd Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin on 8 February to promote the film at a special screening. He is pictured with co-star Rosamund Kwan.

Whilst in Berlin, Donald attended a charity gala which succeeded in raising more than 100,000 euros for Afghan children by auctioning various items of celebrity memorabilia. Hosted by Catherine Deneuve and held in a grand 19th century concert hall, also present were M*A*S*H director Robert Altman, former tennis star Boris Becker, and Bob Geldof. It is not known whether Donald bid for anything!

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My Filmography Page contains not just details of his movie work, but TV appearances, videos, documentaries, voiceovers, audio books and even the odd CD-ROM. Needless to say, any additions to the Filmography Section are welcomed as are any recommendations and links to Donald Sutherland interviews and articles on the Web to include in my Donald Sutherland Links.

The Archive Articles Section has a list of articles of Donald that have appeared in print, magazine cover stories and interviews from the past decades, for a retrospective look at those past films.

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Donald's First Film - The World Ten Times Over
Not all filmographies list Donald's true first film role, a bit part in the British 1963 drama 'The World Ten Times Over'. Described as a 'dour drama' by the All Movie Guide, the movie tells the tale of two single girls, portrayed by Sylvia Sims and June Ritchie, who are 'sucked into an immoral world of Soho clubs, revue bars, slick men and cool music and liquor at five pounds a bottle'. Also appearing in the film, as Sims' schoolteacher father, was William Hartnell, better known as the first Dr Who. The only detail I have of Donald's part was that he was one of two 'nightclub drunks', his fellow drunk being Tony Hawes, late husband of Stan Laurel's daughter Lois.
I have not seen this film, if anyone has I would love to know more!

As John Klute in 'Klute'
With Jane Fonda in her Oscar-winning role as Bree Daniels
As US athletics coach Bill Bowerman in 'Without Limits'
With Billy Crudup as Steve Prefontaine

Thanks to Mara in Montreal for sending in this great drawing of Donald as Father Koesler in 'The Rosary Murders'.

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