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Other Donald Sutherland pages:
Mara's Donald Sutherland Page - with a fantastic selection of photogrraphs!
The website of the Yahoo! Club: Donald Sutherland with a link on how to join the Group.
Donald Sutherland Rocks
Donald's page on the OHMIGOD Omnibus
The Avengers Forever Donald Sutherland page - with an in-depth account of his early TV and film appearances.

Sgt Oddball in Cyber Culture!

A recent visit to Google groups found references to and quotes from our favourite tank commander on newsgroups as diverse as those concerning rock climbing, Pink Floyd, Anna Kournikova and GI Joe toys.......

so many positive waves....

Visit the Unofficial Kelly's Heroes Fan Page
And dig the soundbites from The Ocean's Kelly's Heroes page.

Interviews and articles:
JAM!'s selection of articles.
On the Arts - CBC Newsworld interview from 14 February 2000 - with link to RealPlayer video of interview.
Scene by Scene BBC Online article.
An interview from the Carlton Television website, taken shortly before the opening of Enigmatic Variations in England.
Zap2it - Donald discusses Final Fantasy: The Spirts Within in this July 2001 interview.

An interesting Space Cowboys article with quotes from Donald and Clint Eastwood .

I have read this was his first and last ride on a rollercoaster!

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