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Favorite Poems
The Night has a Thousand Eyes
By: Francis William Bourdillon

By: William Ernest Henley

The Raven
By: Edgar Allan Poe

The Wanderer
By ڸ

Psalm of life

By: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

She Walks in Beauty

By: George Gordon,
Lord Byron

A Red, Red Rose

By: Robert Burns

Annie Laurie

By:William Douglas
of England

The Day is Done
By: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

How Do I Love You
By: P.K. Halliman

Starry Night

Author Unknown

Hymn to the Night
By: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Light of Stars
By: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


This Br
By:Shel Silverstei
Poetry is breath and finer spirit of all knowledge;
it is the impassioned expression which is in the countenance of all science.

~William Wordsworth
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