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. . . Pictures . . .
Pic of the month:  I'll be posting pictures, junk and stuff about once a month or whenever i feel like it.


what's in YOUR dream?

Ever wonder what that weird dream you had last night meant?  Well, then you can check it out here.  Just type in one or two words for an interpertation.  For more on dreams, there's also a site: www.dreammoods.com.
I got some of these pics at www.jokefrog.com,
the others, i have no f****** clue, = ) . 

Some my friends have sent to me.  Well, enjoy~
Japanese Invention . . . I think.
e-bay auction
Britney Spears...
See the blue trash bag in the far doorway?  Stare at that for about a minute.  No Cheating!  You'll see something really freaky.
Holy smokes a Penis Tree!
Huh huh huh!  Aw Shucks!
Do You Want me Baby?
Well, for those of you losers who like seeing her,  at least there's more of her to see.
Avril Lavigne without makeup
(Now we know why she uses that sharpie so damn much)