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Okay okay, if you really want to know what I look like, you may browse
through my Photo Album.

So you want to know everything about me?
Well, sit down on my bed and listen, and let me start at the beginning.......

Lets Kiss....

Like all babies, I came out smiling and contented on the morning of March 31, 1973 ( Don't bother calculating, I'm 29 this year ahhhh!!!! ) . My parents adored me, and they especially loved my frequent surprises I gave them in my nappy!

Two years of my early life was spent getting fawned upon....Then came my little brother.... then another one....oh my God! Then another one....hmmm weren't they busy! Anyway, after that, I got a job being the babysitter...and I'm still waiting to get paid....

My younger days weren't that memorable, but I was sure glad to finish school. No more studying, cramming for exams, or falling asleep during chemistry class. Hmmm...maybe that's why I ended up working in a bank...

Which bank you say? Well...The Commonwealth Bank. Let me just say one thing..." I don't mind going to work... it's that long wait to go home that bothers me. "

I've recently gotten married to a wonderful, talented, gorgeous man named Christian Ilagan!! We were married on October 10, 1999 at 4 pm at 'St Marys Church' in Concord. Reception was at the 'Marigold Restaurant' in Sussex St, Sydney afterwards. Check out some of my wedding pics if you like!

I also have 4 special and beautiful kids in my life. Their names are Javen, Kaenon, Trinity and Tristan. Javen is 11, Kaenon is 5, Trinity is 2 and last, but not least, the NEW addition to the family, is Tristan. He's currently 2 months old and growing up so fast!  I'm planning to have a big family, that's why I started so young... *grin* Christian and I will surely be busy!! hehehe

I also like to read a lot of books, especially steamy love stories. ' Oh Fabio! I luurve You! ' I just can't get enough of those long, golden hair and... umm.. among other things! hehe.

My nickname is 'callgirl' haha (In ICQ, user no 1219168 & chat channels) If you don't know what it means...don't ask! but don't worry, as I always say.. I'm InnocenT 8

Well, that's it for now. Hope I haven't bored you too much!

Let's Kiss some More!

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