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I've started doing my own graphics recently. Take any for your personal homepage, as long as you link back to me at this address:

Credit it with Jade's DreamPalace or either of these icons

Please do not LINK to ANY images, but save them to your hard drive.. Thank You!

WARNING: Member of WebGuard!
You link to ANY of my IMAGES
& you'll get what you deserve!!
(Sorry to sound so harsh, but you wouldn't want it to happen to you:)

These graphics are not to be altered or put in any collection!!



Angel Border Backgrounds

Fairie Border Backgrounds

Fairie Backgrounds

Flower Backgrounds

Cute Border Backgrounds

Cute Backgrounds

Design Backgrounds

Marble Backgrounds



Cute Dividers

Flowery Dividers


~*Theme Sets*~

contains background, divider, email , buttons, sign & view guestbook

Theme Set One ~ pink rose

Theme Set Two ~ sunflowers

Theme Set Three ~ blue swans

Themes Set Four ~ golden cupid

Theme Set Five ~ rainbow balloons

More theme sets coming soon!



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Transport Xpress
~ Drive away with a vehicle of your choice


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Garage Sale
~ Everything you need for your home sweet home


More clipart coming soon!


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All graphics and images are either scanned, or created with Microsoft Image Composer, Crayola Art Adventure, Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photo Deluxe and Corel Web.

Graphics are copyrighted to me jade. Some Angel images that were scanned are copyrighted to Bessie Pease Gutmann & to Sandra Kuck. Fairy images that were scanned are copyrighted to The Estate of Cicely Mary Barker.