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Here are a few subjects I have written about. Sorry if I offend anyone with my views, but as I said, this is all in good fun and not to be taken too seriously !

Anyway, look through my bookcase and enjoy reading !


The Art of Kissing ~

Do you kiss with your eyes open or closed? Are his/her kisses wet and mushy or hard and clawing? Yes, the way we kiss reveals a lot about us! Read on and discover just how much a kiss can reveal about you........

Essential Guide to the Male Species ~

For all you ladies out there, we all know about SNAG's and Mummy's Boy, but what about all those other Mr-Not-Quite-Rights?

Tips on How to be a Real Man ~

For all you guys out there, follow Ja's humorous rules on " how to be a man." Now we know all your secrets, so don't try these out on us smart girls......

RULES all of us has to abide by

Ladies & Gentlemen, these are the only rules you need to know & follow. It's in effect in every relationship ( right girls?=) and once you understand these rules, your lives will be a LOT easier. I guarantee you!

Rejection Letter

This goes out to any woman who's had to reject any losers. Now we have a form letter you can send out right now!


If you have any humorous advice or tale to tell, feel free to email it to me & I'll include it in my library! I prefer it to be your work, if not, make sure you have the author's name & where you got it from.


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