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The portal drops you in an underground tunnel and slowly fades out of sight.  You gasp and stand up immediately.  The heat of the air is almost unbearable and the stone beneath your feet is burning.  You cough and take a deep breath, inhaling the stale air.  Not knowing what else to do, you start walking.  The heat grows worse as you walk, your vison begins to blur, and your thoughts go cloudy.  You stop and lean against the wall and breathe heavily, laboring for a breath of air.  Suddenly, the heat overwhelms you completely and you slump to the damp, stone pathway.  Muffled tapping of footsteps is the last thing you hear before your senses leave you completely.
"You there!  Stand up and identify yourself!" a very loud, very angry voice says.  The voice snarls...then seems to add a different tone to the snarling.  A third joins the snarling and you look up, confused.  A dark figure stands over you, several pairs of eyes glowing bright blue.  You yelp and skitter backwards, running into the passage wall.  Bright glares of gradient blue flame dances in the darkness, illuminating the figure ever so slightly.  Slowly, the figure moves forward and three snapping canine heads lunge out of the darkness.  They growl and bare their teeth, digging their dragon claws into the stone.  Suddenly, the middle head speaks, eyeing you.
"I said stand up and identify yourself!" the head snarls.  You slowly stand up, moving your head slowly from side to side looking for a safe way out.
The creature is at least 6 or 7 feet tall with grey all over, except for a spattering of rainbow spots all over it's body.  A long draconic tail curls and lashes in the air, a bright flicker of blue flame on the very tip dancing in the air.  The creature's claws dig deep grooves into the hard stone as the creature shifts to the side, one of the heads eyeing you still.  You gulp and quickly tell the creature your name.  The creature focuses all eyes on you, making you feel even more nervous.
"You have entered Cerbi Lair.  I am the Lair's guardian.  My job is to weed out all those who are not worthy of meeting and adopting Cerbi pups.  You are allowed to enter but be warned that I dislike all uninvited guests, as that is what you are.  Watch your step and actions or you will not see the light of day again." 
The middle head hisses at you, and the creature turns and walks away from you.  Not wanting to be left alone in this passage, you follow behind carefully.  You assume the Lair guardian is a Cerbi herself, considering that she looks a lot like the hellhound that guards the underworld in myths.  The Cerbi stops in front of you, then turns to look you over.
"There are choices of things you might ask and want to know about caring for a Cerbi pup.  I will answer them for you and you'd best take notes.  Few pups are fostered out here and only go to those who will provide the best care."  She sits down and the middle head watches you carefully while the other two drift off to sleep.  You stares, then search your mind for questions.