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You are dropped in a small clearing where a large winged lioness is lounging.  She stands and shakes out her fur, flicking her wings up against her back.  She eyes you with a cool glance, her claws extending and retracting as she decides whether or not to turn you into a scratching post.
"I suppose JadeEye allowed you to come here.  Mind your step and don't touch anything unless I say you can."
Do not take!
This picture was a gift from Unyko, a friend of mine.  DO NOT STEAL!

You grin nervously and step back a little bit.  The lioness chuckles.
"Obviously you came here for a reason.  Perhaps you'd like to adopt an orphan?  The creatures that stay here are free to be adopted by anyone, as long as they link to http://www.oocities.org/jade_tigeress/RefugeeMeadow.html and don't claim them as their own creations.  They are not breedable by the way.  Now if you wish, please choose one that you'd like."

Abandoned Lizquini-Female
Abandoned Snowcat-You Choose Gender
Abandoned Canine-You Choose Gender
Abandoned Warrior Unicorn-Male

If you would like more information on any of these, check out these parts of the realm.

The Depths-Lizquni
Typatha Mount-Snowcats
There is no page for canines any longer
Ucorna Downs-Warrior Unicorns

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