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The portal dumps you in the middle of a forest and vanishes, leaving you covered in dirt and leaves.  Slowly, you stand and look around, wondering where you are.  A small path winds off into the forest, large footprints of various creatures marking the path.  You hesitate,  wondering if it is safe to venture in.  Figuring that it is safe enough, you start walking down the path.  You don't get very far before you hear a loud growling coming from the shadows ahead of you.  Two bright eyes peer out and a flash of white teeth penatrates the darkness.  With silent, stealthy paws, a winged tiger pads out, still growling and eyeing you.
Do not take!
She is a gift from Myrror.  DO NOT STEAL!!!
She flutters her wings and folds them tightly against her back.
"You had better have a good reason for coming here.  This is not free territory to wander around." she says, emphasizing each couple of words with a claw extention.
You meekly explain that you were just wondering what was in this quiet little wood.
"That is for me, the mystery egg caretaker, to know.  You better not be here to snatch eggs human..." she eyes you again.

You wince slightly.  You know you came to see if there were any eggs up for adoption but you are afraid to acknowledge this.  The tiger reads your expression.
"I see you did intend to adopt, not to steal.  These eggs were left here by their parents or were discovered alone in this realm.  They are all expected to hatch within the same time period.  Please, if you do take any of the eggs, a few simple rules are required to be followed.

1) You must, must, must (did I mention must?) have a page for these eggs and creatures to go on.  They will not tolerate a cold hard drive!
2) A link to http://www.oocities.org/raychellen/SafeHaven.html is required on the page before your egg will hatch
3) Everyone's eggs will hatch at the same time.  What you must do is to save the image and  using the URL from this site (ie. http://www.oocities.org/jade_tigeress/Egg1.jpg), put it on this page.  You will be direct linking to the image.  Do not save the egg image.  After some time, I will replace the egg images with the creature, keeping the URL for that egg the same.  You have a week to save the image before I delete it and put new eggs up.
4) No whining!  If you whine about missing a hatching or the creature you get, you will be banned! 
5) Do not claim these as your own.  I drew them specifically for this adoption.  These are not reject pics.  None of these creatures are breedable.
6) You may adopt as many as you like *g*

Here is the first batch!
Egg 3 Egg 4
Egg 1 Egg 2