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The bright sunshine reflects off of the crystal blue water, small waves gently lapping at the shore of the bay.  As you look out onto the water, you can catch glimpses of brightly colored creatures skimming the surface with their fins.  You can't make out exactly what they are but you know they are partially fish by the rainbow of fins that lash out and in the water.
As you walk, you notice an equine in the water.  It chirps and squeaks at you, then dives under the water.  Seconds later, the equine bursts out of the water again right next to you.  You assume it is a mare and the equine grins and splashes you with a fiery orange fin.  Then you realize that this creature is half equine, half fish!  You stare at her, wondering what she is.

You humi are so funny to watch! calls a voice, not spoken and heard through your ears but rather through your mind.  You yelp and back away, hundreds of thoughts racing through your mind.
Please do focus on one thought so you don't give me a headache the voice says again, slightly pained.  You look at the equine fish creature and see she is wincing and shaking her head.  You blink and focus on one question.  You try to send it through your mind.
What are you? you ask, wondering if this worked at all.
The mare grins and flicks her fin.
Aye, that is much better.  I am a Lizquini, lead Pisces of the Pod of Silver Current Melody.  If you like, please visit the rest of my pod's members.
She nods, pointing a hoof over towards a grouping of large caves.
Also, since only so many of us Lizquini can live here, we allow the proals to seek new homes.  Perhaps there are some ready to go to a new home.
With that, she dives below the water's surface and disappears from sight, leaving you with many choices.
All graphics are (c) to me, Raychelle Noel a.k.a JadeEye.  I made the background and buttons myself.  Do not take unless you email me for permission.
**Note** The terms Pike, Pisces, and Proals will be defined in the "Information" section of this adoption.