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The portal drops you in a large room and quickly disappears, leaving you stund.  The room is filled with books and papers and has several shelves and book cases against the wall.  The only word you can use to describe the room is disasterious.  There is a covering of paper on almost ever inch of the floor and the waste paper basket is well past overflowing.  You're amazed ANYONE could work in here and get something done.
While you examine a pair of flowers sitting in a vase, a chibi-version of JadeEye skips over and giggles.

"Hiiii! I'm Chibi-JadeEye.  I see you got to the Keeper's Study.  Feel free to look around but just don't take anything."
You nod and thank her, then turn to the nearest desk to examine the odds and ends that are scattered all over it.  Chibi-JadeEye has busied herself with picking up random materials, shoving them into a small backpack.  She looks up at you and smiles, then hops into a portal that has whirled open near one of the windows.  You shrug, then pick up a book laying on the table.  The book looks relatively old with a thick leather cover.  When you open it, you see that most of the writing is too faded to read easily.  Disappointed, you set it down and examine the other books that sit between a set of griffon-shaped book ends.  As you reach out to touch each book, the griffon-bookends squack and stare at you with beady gold eyes.
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After you finish browsing through the books, you realize that it is time for you to leave.  You carefully replace all that you've touched and jump into a portal whirling placidly in the corner.

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