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The Realmkeeper's Profile

Name: JadeEye, Keeper of Insanity
AKA: JadeEye, JadeTigeress, FelidaeJade
Age: Unknown.  Said to be around 100 but no exact age is known.
Species: Shapeshifter
Location: The Distance Between
Favorite Shifts: Griffon, Tiger, Felidae, Unicorn, Unicorn anthro, Dragon, Dragon anthro
Characterizing Marks: Yellow mane, green body stripes, white/green wings, wears a blue pendant around neck, lots of green color
Jobs: Realmkeeper, warrior, member to the Felidae race

Name: Raychelle (that's all you're going to get)
AKA: Ray, Roman, Poofy hair, etc.
Age: between 14-20
Species: Human...duh
Location: US
Characterizing Marks: blonde hair, hazel eyes, 5ft 10in tall
Jobs: Pizza-maker *whoopie!* and cyberpet addicted realm maker

Places to Visit
My Elfwood Gallery
My VCL Gallery
The Marketplace
The Crystal Palace

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