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The portal opens above the snow-covered ground and drops you down into the fluffy snow.  You mutter and shake the snow from your hair, annoyed that you weren't told that this portal led to a snowy area.  All around you, you see nothing but white...large snowdrifts, snow-covered pine trees and snowflakes falling from the sky.  You attempt to stand but sink past your knees in the soft snow.  After a moment of struggle, you fall to all fours and crawl over to a large snow covered boulder.  You brush the snow off of it and discover a pair of old snowshoes. 
"At least she left these here," you mutter as you put the shoes on your feet.  They keep you up out of the snow relatively well but it doesn't help the fact your pants and socks are soaked with melted snow.  Again, you mutter and set out to find these "snowcats". 
You don't get too far until you come across a brightly colored feline that is about the size of a puma lounging in the snow.  It crinkles it's whiskers in a grin as you approach.
"You looking for the snowcats?" it askes in a feminine voice that is tinged with a bit of smugness.
You nod, wondering how the animal read your mind.  It grins at you again, then stands.
"Well, you've come to the right place.  I'm Sunspot, lead female of the Typatha Mount Flurry." Sunspot motions for you to follow her so you pick up your snowshoed feet and trudge through the snow with her in the lead.