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The portal opens and you step out into what seems to be an orchard of some sort.  The trees are laden with bright purple fruits the shape of a pear.  The orchard is silent except for the hum of bees flitting from tree to tree.  You step up to one tree and reach up to pluck a piece of the odd fruit from the branches, only to suddenly be face to face with what you can only describe as a tiny horse!
The small equine's butterfly wings beat the air rapidly and his tiny hooves flail in the air as he chirps and squeaks in distress.  The small horse glides around your head several times, then flys back up to the tree he flew from.  He lands on a small branch and eyes you warily.  After a moment of staring, the small equine chirps brightly and bobs up and down on his perch.  You turn and see a figure approach.  The figure looks a lot like JadeEye, only smaller and more like a trouble-maker.  The small JadeEye giggles and bounces over to you.
"Ooo...a visitor!  I bet you jumped a portal from the main realm to get here!  I'm Chibi-JadeEye, keeper of Whispering Grove.  You do know that this IS Whispering Grove right?" the Chibi babbles, grinning.  You stare at the Chibi as she prances around, mane and tail fluttering in the air.
"What are you waiting for?!  Aren't you here to adopt?  Well, come on then!"  Chibi-JadeEye prods you and skips away.  You sigh and follow her.

After several moments of walking, you and Chibi-JadeEye come upon a table covered in discarded papers and ink pens.  Large hide covered books lay behind the table on a large stone slab.  Chibi-JadeEye slips behind the table and scans the books.  Finally, she selects a few and plops then down in front of you.

"So, if you're interested in adoption, you need to read some of these first.  Be sure to read the rules because those are the most important things and you must know them before you adopt."