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Automatic Politics News Flash Below:
Americans United for the Separation of Church & State - Relgious liberty watchgroup.
AdBusters Magazine - Culture Jamming Network
S P - USA - Socialist Party of the United States
YPSL - Young Peoples Socialist League
Reclaim Democracy! - "Why do Corporations have more rights than you?"
NCADP - National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
Industrial Workers Of the World - Labor Union
National Rifle Association - Protecting your 2nd Amendment Right to keep and bare arms.
If you can think of a site that we should have here, or want us to look at a site that's related to this site's theme you can send it in here for our review. Thanks!
Common Sense for Drug Policy - An organization dedicated to reforming backward drug law's.
DPIC - Death Penalty Information Center
Z-Magazine - "An independent political magazine of critical thinking."
War Resisters League - declaring "war to be a crime against humanity."
Amnesty International - Working to protect human rights worldwide.
ParEcon - The Participatory Economics Project
Center for Voting and Democracy - Non-Partisan, Non-Profit Organization for Fair Elections
GP - USA - Green Party of the United States
Public Citizen - National Non-Profit Public Interest Organization
It's About Love - Privately Providing Alternatives For Abortion