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Disclaimer and Rights of Use - Radical Politics Online

This site and its contents are the intellectual product of Radical Politics Online.

Some materials on this site are copyright by others. Radical Politics Online (hereafter  RPO) believes it has used such materials in good faith and according to established copyright provisions. Where we were unsure, we have sought and obtained the permission of the original authors to use their material. If you feel that we have infringed your copyright in using your material, or you believe we have used it inappropriately, please
let us know and we'll fix it fast.

Trademarks and registered names of commercial companies and their brands have been identified in the text where necessary. These trademarks and registered names remain the sole property of their respective companies.


This site is copyright 2000-2001 by Radical Politics Online.

All original material on this site is made available under "open" terms:

   1. You are free to copy, use and distribute this material as you see fit, provided you:

       A) Grant the same rights to those you distribute this material to.

       B) Have no intention to use the material to criticise RPO unfairly, or misrepresent its beliefs and practices.

   2. You may create derivative works from the material on this site, but you may not restrict the rights of others to use your derivative if it is indeed substantially based on this original work. Any substantial derivative must include this notice and grant indentical rights to any subsequent derivative, giving credit where due.

To be short, don't make money from this work, or restrict its free distribution. By free, we mean free as in speech, not lunch. RPO still owns the copyright to our work, OK? Good!

The general rule is "if you like it you can use it if you agree to be responsible with the information."

Any other use of this material (such as website mirroring or translation into other languages) needs to be
discussed with RPO and confirmed in writing. This is purely so we can protect the intent of our work and not have it modified or "dumbed down" in a manner that would lead to confusion.

We appreciate the integrity of those who honour these conditions. If you have any further questions, please
let us know.