How many legs and feet does this elephant have?
A woman was sitting on the 35th floor of a building. She was about to commit suicide. The police surrounded the bottom of the building telling her NOT to jump. Her husband was in the room with her and was trying to stop her. She got nervous and fell, but she did not scratch herself or get hurt. Why?

* She fell INTO her room instead of out the window *
(Highlight between the asterisks to reveal the answers)
Looking at a picture a man says "Brothers and sisters, I have none but that man's father is my father's son." Whose picture is it?

His son *
There are three errers in the statement of this problem. You must detect all of them to recieve full credit.

Errors is spelled incorrectly (spelled "errers" in the problem). Receive is spelled incorrectly (spelled "recieve" in the problem). The third error id that there are only 2 errors, not three.  *

It is greater than God,
It's more evil tha the devil,
The poor have it,
The rich need it,
If you eat it, you will die.

What is it?
*Optical Illusions*
Read this to yourself. What does it say?
(Hint: it is not what you think it says.... read it slowly and carefully)
A frivlous feline of Fenwith,
Donned her finest of furs to fetch men with.
First the frog of St. Fly
On the Fourth of July,
Then the fish of Fifeshire on the Fifth.

  How many "f"s are there? Count them carefully.
20... most people don't see the "f" in "of" because it's pronounced as a "v" *
Where's the dog in this picture?
Stare at the four dots in the center of this picture for 30 seconds without blinking. Then look at a source of light with your eyes closed. What do you see?

How do you say "the dog with a light on the beach with a gorilla" in Japanese?

Can con quinque en Cancun con King Kong
(actually it's in Spanish but it kinda sounds Japanese)


According to the puzzling language called English, the words
comb and of are not pronounced how they look. The b is silent and the f sounds like a v. Knowing these oddities of English, how to you pronounce GHOTI?

FISH  (gh is pronounced as an f in rough; o is pronounced as an i in women; ti is pronounced as a sh in martian) *

~These 2 riddles are courtesy of my Spanish teacher in Payson EAC campus, Mr. Bowling~

Into a bar comes a grasshopper. And the bartender says, "Hey, we've got a drink named after you!" And the grasshopper says, "Is that right? Why would anyone name a drink Bob?"


Two guys were walking their dogs--one had a German Shepherd and the other had a Chihuahua. The man with the Shepherd suggested going into a bar for a drink. The other man says, "They're not going to let dogs into the bar." And the first guy says, "No? Watch this." So he puts on some dark glasses, act like the German Shepherd is his seeing-eye dog, walks into the bar and orders a drink. And no one says anything. So the second guy takes out some dark glasses, slips them on, and walks his Chihuahua into the bar. The bartender says, "Sorry--we don't allow dogs in here." And the man says, "It's okay, it's my seeing-eye dog." The bartender laughs and says, "This Chihuahua is your seeing-eye dog?" And the guy says, "They gave me a chihuahua?"
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