By: Alexi Serenitia

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon. Sue and get NOTHING! Ha! Ha! 

Notes: Jadeite/Rei! Cheer! The fanfic takes place in the manga, 
in the part where Sailor Mars awakens. It is a one shot in 
Jadeite's POV.

Here we go!

I grinned as she began to walk toward the bus. That girl. That 
puny, weakling, human. Just like all those other fools. Just a 
sacrifice to the Dark Kingdom. A vessel full of energy that would 
soon be zapped. If her energy wasn't zapped, she would just be 
another vessel sacrificed to our great master.

I smirked as she finally reached the bus, taking a seat. I took 
most of her energy, making her completely wipped out. No one 
could save her. If Sailor Moon even tried, I'd destroy her in an 
instant. She may have stood a chance against my monsters, but I 
swear she shall fall dead at MY feet!

I took the bus to the Dark Kingdom and dumped all the passengers 
out. The last one I took out was that girl. I really hadn't 
thrown her out like the rest, I had picked her up and carried her 
out and then laid her down. She was much to pretty to be dumped 
out. It was almost as if I had known her so long ago...

However, I sensed the girl would give me trouble, and I couldn't 
have that. I had to get rid of her. I couldn't let her interfere 
in our plan. I leanned down to her, about to zap her energy 
myself, but somehow...I couldn't do it. Why?! She was NOTHING! 
The only thing she could be was a threat to my plan. I wouldn't 
fail. If I did, Beryl would have my head!

Instead, I reached down and took a few strands of her hair into 
my hand. Soft...so soft. I knew I had felt it before. But where? 
And when? She was special...No! She couldn't be! She is nothing! 
Nothing! NOTHING! I wouldn't let this girl make me fail! Those 
poor fools...even my life really didn't matter. The awakening of 
our great master was all that mattered, and even though my life 
doesn't matter, I want to see my master awaken!

I suddenly heard a noise. That girl...Sailor Moon, and her 
annoying friend...whoever she was. I shouted to them. As they 
turned to face me, I grabbed the girl below me. The girl snapped 
her eyes openned and tried to free herself. Fool. She wouldn't 
escape so easily! It was so easy to keep a tight grip on the 
girl...but why did it feel so wrong?

Sailor Moon started yelling at me, saying on behalf of the moon, 
I was punished. Ba! How stupid. Could she be more pathetic? The 
other Sailor Senshi, Mercury, tried to use fog against me, but I 
froze it. How weak the Sailor Senshi were. Their little tricks 
wouldn't work against me! For a moment, I glanced to the girl I 
had trapped within my grip...

...And I remembered her. Then I saw. She was my lover. She loved 
me once, and I loved her. How could I forget? Why did I forget? 
Did I forget who I truely lived for? Had I forgotten I was sworn 
to protect the Prince, Endymion?! Had I forgotten that girl I had 
fallen in love with so long ago? That beautiful Princess of Mars?

Shaking my head, I ripped those thoughts out of my head. It was a 
load of shit. I was only loyal to the great one, only loyal to 
Queen Beryl! I laid the girl down as I grinned in trumph at 
Sailor Moon, who looked like she was going to cry. Ba. Weakling. 
Suddenly she stopped crying, took off her tiara, and threw it at 
me. I caught it, grinning. That was so weak. I took some of the 
blond strands hanging down my face off of my face.

Suddenly, the tiara encircled around my body. I couldn't move. 
Now I was the one stuggling to get away. No! This can't be 
happening. I couldn't lose! I am Jadeite! Loyal to the one and 
only Queen Beryl! I wouldn't lose!

Sailor Mercury had then thrown a pen at the girl's direction. As 
the girl caught it, she was covered in flames. When the flames 
subsided, I knew it was her. Sailor Mars...my lover from the past. 
I had remembered her too late. Now I was going to meet my doom.

Sailor Mars' ravens pecked at my head. Ravens were always a bad 
sign. She raised her hand and chanted something I couldn't 
understand. My body began to tear apart. The one I had loved in 
my past was the one who was killing me. I was then in total pain, 
and I felt something wet fall from my faces. I realised I was 
crying, but why? Because I was in such pain? Or because the one I 
once loved was killing me? Then the pain suddenly got even worse, 
and everything went white.

The pain was gone.

...But so was I.

The end. 

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