Beyond the Last Star 

By Julie-chan 
- - - 
Desire: the fire that burns within and without. I'd fallen prey to that, so long 
ago. I wish that he would look down from that high heaven, once in a long 
while... Would he see me, I wonder? 

Or would he see what he always does: a rival for power, though I really am no 
threat at all; another slave to darkness as he and the rest of us are, of no 
real importance unless I sought to destroy him, and even then I would be 
destined to lose? (We both know it, and he doesn't care.) I know the answer to 
those questions already. He never sees me. 

Nephrite and Jadeite...two halves of the whole: our namesakes are both the same 
stone! (They are both types of makes me wonder if Beryl was aware when 
we were named.) 

Alas, he yet stands there, beyond the last star still shining bright, almost 
beyond Metallia's grasp but not quite. A god, that's what he is; glowing with a 
shade of red like blood, with the strength to remain indifferent to me. 
Watch Kunzite and his Zoisite! How I envy those two! (I would never admit that 
aloud.) They have each other. 

...What do I have? I have the cold companionship of the stars...little 
improvement from my silent brooding over the one I love. 
I think that Jadeite finds it amusing to watch me suffer. 


               (                   (