Crimson Wings

By: Desiree Conway

Prologue: Phoenix

“I love you.”
“I know.”
-Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo (Star  Wars V: The Empire 
Strikes Back)

A/N: Wow my first Sailor Moon fic...anyways well I hope everyone 
enjoys this one..go easy on me... I have not written a Sailor 
Moon fic in well... since....never....oh well...enjoy folks!

Before the Negaverse, the planet Mars was prosperous and 
beautiful. People rode gold and red phoenixes, and the other 
eight planets traded many lovely things for Mars’s beautiful 
gold-smithing, which it was renowned for. In one of the many 
center points of the kingdom, a palace of ruby and gold towered 
over all of the buildings and the beautiful tiered, towers spoke 
of elegance and beauty. Elegance and beauty held within...
For inside the palace, the beloved royal family of Mars resided, 
and all around, a grand party was taking place, for the king and 
queen had just given birth to a baby girl. 
When she was presented, the Martians could hardly believe their 
eyes, for instead of the usual shades of red or blonde, the 
little girl’s hair was a deep purple. So purple that at times it 
looked black, and her eyes were luminous, and were a lighter 
purple than her hair. Her skin was fair instead of dark, and only 
the nine queens of the solar system, and their guardians saw the 
crimson aura that surrounded the child. This was the planet’s 
future guardian: The Sailor Soldier of Mars: Rei. 

Fifteen year old Rei was single handedly one of the most 
beautiful princesses ever to grace Queen Serenity’s court. She 
was tall, and she was lithe. Her hair was a beautiful violet that 
was a shade darker than her eyes. Her skin glowed and depending 
on the light looked translucent. 
But as beautiful as she was, and as kind as she was, Rei had a 
spark of a temper in her. Fiercely independent and strong-willed, 
which were the main characteristics that implied her Mars blood, 
people tended to leave her be most of the time, despite how much 
they loved her. That presented a problem as she grew older, more 
lovely, and alone. 
Which was why she was surprised when Queen Serenity presented the 
four guardians of the Earth Prince who was named Darien. She 
stood with the other princesses as the names of the soldiers were 
“Nephrite.” Came the sound of the Moon Queen’s soft, commanding 
voice. A beautiful man with long, chestnut hair strode forward. 
Princess Jupiter, who was named Lita, gasped, and Rei who was 
standing next to her grinned. Lita got crushes so easily. But 
when the next name was called, Rei forgot everything else. 
“Jedite.” A tall blonde came forward, bowing graciously before 
the court. Then he lifted his head and his diamond blue eyes met 
her own amethyst gaze. She froze. He was beautiful. And he had a 
silver aura shot with icy blue that surrounded him, making him 
look ethereal. 
He rose and took his place amongst the guard, all the while not 
taking his eyes of hers. She scarcely heard the other names. 
“Darien, Crown Prince of Earth.” The handsome Earth Prince 
stepped forward, bowed politely to Serenity, then immediately 
went into the arms of the beautiful Moon Princess, Serena. The 
orchestra struck up a lively tune and the two began to dance 
gracefully across the crystaline floor. 
Soon other people joined the couple on the dance floor, and Rei 
watched as Nephrite walked over to Lita and asked her to dance. 
Rei could hardly blame him. Dressed in a rich green gown that 
showed off her elegant height, her chestnut curls worn loose and 
falling just below her knees, Lita was a picture of simple 
elegance that Rei could see had Nephrite shaking slightly from 
Soon Zoicite and Ami, and Mina and Malachite were those amongst 
the couples on the dance floor. Rei was once more, alone. 


Jedite stood quietly as his friends twirled happily around the 
dance floor, in the arms of the beautiful princesses of the solar 
system. He sighed. He had heard about the fiery Martian Princess. 
Had heard that she was even more headstrong than even her Martian 
blood implied that she should be. He had to admit that he was 
nervous about approaching her. He was worried about the rejection 
that would most likely come. Although he had heard that she was 
much loved, and that she was kind, would he meet up to her 
When he had met her gaze his breath caught. What a sight she made 
with her hair in a simple violet braid that reached past her 
knees, the same length of the Princess of Jupiter. A white dress 
graced her delicate frame, making the beautiful ivory skin glow, 
and around her neck was a lovely string of rubies set in gold. 
She was one of the loveliest creatures he had ever seen, and when 
he glanced at her again, he saw her eyes were sad, as she stood 
alone, the picture of a goddess who would never know mortal love. 
Jedite made a vow instantly that he would never be the one to 
make the violet haired beauty sad. 
Meandering his way through the laughing court, he stood before 
her and offered her his arm. 
“Care to dance, Princess Mars?” the instant sparkle of happiness 
that came to her amethyst eyes affected him in a way he had never 
before felt. For a moment he stood staring at her, his ice blue 
eyes softening to that of a calm sea. 
“Shall we?” She asked, smiling up at him. He could instantly see 
the kindness in that smile, and his heart warmed further. 
“Yes. We shall.” And he took her tiny hand and whirled her onto 
the floor with the others, being in the arms of his phoenix....
*My Phoenix?* He thought as he looked down at her. *Yes. My 
Phoenix.* He thought again when he saw that she was smiling at 
All through the night they danced, and Jedite finally came to 
realize the affect that he was feeling. Love. He was in love with 


They stood on one of the many crystal balconies of the moon 
palace, looking up at the Earth and Mars. Jedite turned the 
Martian Princess towards him. He wanted so badly to tell her he 
loved her, but when those knowing amethyst eyes looked into his 
own ice blue gaze, he found words could not express her peculiar 
effect on him. He drew her close, tilting her chin up and kissed 
her, closing his eyes and pouring all the feeling that he had 
into it, somehow knowing that the intuitive princess would know. 
He was surprised when he felt her kissing him back with equal 


Rei was in shock. All through the night she had felt her feelings 
grow deeper and deeper for this Terran man, and all of a sudden, 
when he kissed her, she realized that he had fallen in love with 
her, and much to her surprise, she had fallen in love with him 
back. That was when she knew: he was her soulmate. 


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