Crimson Wings

Chapter One: “You are the Sailor Soldier of Mars.”

“This is your destiny...this is what you were born to do...”
-Guardian of the Cards (Cardcaptors Sounddtrack)

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The Queens of the Solar System knew that it was time they tell 
their daughters about the colorful auras that marked their 
destiny as guardians of the moon and it’s beautiful princess. 
Queen Zaia of Mars found her daughter almost instantly. The young 
woman was kneeling in front of the gold altar in the palace 
temple, praying. Her mother had no doubt as to what she was 
praying about. Smiling, the Queen quietly observed the young 
woman, knowing that her daughter would sense her as soon as she 
finished her prayer. Rei had an uncanny knack for predicting 
things and sensing things, part of powers that would aid her in 
her protection of Princess Serena. 
“Hello Mother.” Rei said, startling Zaia out of her reverie. 
“Hello my Rei.” 
Rei stood and came over to stand by her mother. 
“Sit.” The Queen said, motioning to the red silk floor cushions. 
The Princess sat obediently. The Queen sat gracefully beside her. 
“Rei. You must have an idea by now of the importance of the Moon 
Princess and preserving the Silver Millenium.”
The young woman nodded expectantly. Zaia took a deep breath and 
continued. “Just as Prince Darien of Earth has four Guardians of 
his own to protect him, so does Princess Serena of the Moon. And 
you my darling, are one of them.”
Rei gasped. 
“You have been sworn by the element of fire and the essence of 
the Planet Mars, which resides in your aura and in your blood, to 
serve and protect Serena and to help preserve this peaceful and 
prosperous time.” 
This was almost too much for Rei, who could not believe that the 
connection and love she felt for her home planet was because it 
was apart of her, that she was more soldier than princess, that 
her destiny had already been laid out for her. 
“What do I do? How do I protect Mother?” Although Rei was 
overwhelmed at the prospect, her Martian blood was strong, as 
well as the warrior’s instinct. Her love for her planet and her 
family and friends and...Jedite....would not allow for anything 
else but her full acceptance of her destiny. 
Her mother looked at her with admiration. “Call upon the power of 
Mars.” Zaia said softly. 
Rei looked at her for a moment, and then closed her eyes. taking 
a deep breath, her hand shot up in the air and she somehow knew 
what to say:
She felt herself being lifted up into the air by some invisible 
force. Flame all of a sudden surrounded her body seemingly coming 
from the very core of her being. She felt her hair unravel from 
its simple bun so that it now surrounded her in a lose violet 
curtain of silken strands. 
Then, it was over. And she looked down at herself to find that 
her clothing had changed. A beautiful gold tiara was set on her 
forehead, a thumb sized ruby set in the middle. Ruby earrings in 
the shape of stars dangled from her ears, a form fitting white 
body suit took the place of her loose robes, a ruby red pleated 
skirt showed off her slim legs, which ended in tiny red heels for 
her feet. Slender white gloves covered her forearms, and two 
violet bows with graceful long ribbons adorned her chest and back 
of her skirt. Completing the look was a red mask over her eyes. 
The sides of it rising up like a pair of phoenix wings. 
She looked at her mother again. Zaia was smiling with pride. 
“You are the Sailor Soldier of Mars.” She whispered. 

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