Crimson Wings

Chapter Two: Phoebus and Deimos. 

“The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love, and be 
loved, in return.”
--Moulin Rouge

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She was in love. This fact was obvious to her family. To her 
friends who also shared her same wonderful feelings. To the 
Martian Population. And to her own personal Guardians; Phoebus 
and his beloved Deimos. The two were a splendid pair of phoenixes 
that had bonded to the Martian Princess when she was born. 
Phoebus was a deep red color with lovely purple wings while 
Deimos was a shimmering gold and had eyes that were a deep 
cerulean blue flame. Like all Phoenixes, if they loved their 
charge enough, and if they wanted to experience love like their 
Martian friends, they could altar their form and become humanoid 
if they wished at will. 
“I think our fiery princess has found her heart’s desire.” 
Grinned Phoebus. He and Deimos were in their humanoid form. 
Phoebus’s longish red hair was shot through with broad violet 
streaks, and his exotic slanted eyes were a fascinating gold. His 
dark skin was complimented by the red silk robes he wore, which 
Rei knew that under them contained inpenetrable armor. In fact, 
the only way to kill a phoenix was if the phoenix had no more 
will to live. Deimos had long golden hair that went on past her 
ankles. She wore it in a simple warrior’s braid most of the time, 
typical Martian style, her eyes were still her brilliant shade of 
cerulean, but unlike her beloved she had ivory skin, which was 
unheard of amongst phoenixes. Like Rei she was an enigma. 
Captivating but odd looking at the same time. Phoebus loved that 
about her. He also loved to tease her about it. She wore cerulean 
robes which hid her own battle armor. 
“Yes. I believe she has. He is quite handsome.” She grinned when 
Phoebus shot her a Look. “Yes.” She continued. “ Very handsome 
indeed. In fact that blonde hair of his rivals my own I think. I 
would love to get to know him better. Too bad I got stuck with 
yo-” Before she could finish the sentence, Phoebus’s wings had 
sprouted from his back and he fairly tackled Deimos pinning her 
on the floor in a matter of minutes. 
Before she could say a word of protest, Phoebus kissed her 
passionately. She soon melted into the kiss in such a way that it 
had Rei blushing furiously as she thought about her and Jedite. 
And the Princess of Mars blushing was a rare sight indeed. 
“Too bad you got stuck with me?” Phoebus was grinning at his 
stunned lover, but his breathing was hard and his voice husky. 
Obviously that kiss had affected him too. 
Deimos nodded mutely, and he leaned in to kiss her again when his 
eyes fell on his Princess. He looked at Rei for a little too long 
because Deimos, in anticipation of a kiss opened her eyes with a 
whimper and followed his gaze. Phoebus got off her and they both 
stood up and acted like she had not born witness to the passion 
that had nearly consumed them just a few moments before. It was 
not that they were embarrassed, it was impossible to embarrass a 
phoenix. They were loving, affectionate creatures and seldom hid 
their feelings. Which was why it took a special human to make a 
phoenix fall in love with them, for very few were as loving and 
loyal as a phoenix, and very few could match their passion. 
However, many a Martian had a Phoenix mate, and many more people 
of the solar system who came to Mars had happened on a secluded 
area where the beautiful creatures were making love. The sight 
was not only beautiful, but it brought good luck as well. 
“Rei, you have found your soulmate.” Deimos said knowingly. “ We 
have felt it and we know that you have too.”
Rei nodded, the mirth and flush that she had felt earlier gone as 
she considered the feelings that ran through her. “Yes....” She 
smiled happily and laughed. She turned around and her guardians 
looked at her and exchanged knowing and sad glances, for they had 
felt something else as well, something they did not want and 
could not explain. It was something dark.........


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