Crimson Wings

Chapter Three: Flames of Passion

“Te’ adoro Anton.” 
--Maria (West Side Story)

A/N: Hey all! I have to clear up one tiny mistake...Rei’s 
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Since the Moon and the Earth’s promised union between the two 
lovers Serena and Darien, The Silver Millennium flourished under 
the young couple’s love. What was once a beautiful rose bud 
bloomed full and bright, holding grand promises and happy lives. 
Everyone was happy and war seemed out of the question. 
And it seemed as though the galaxy’s happiness shone through in 
the lovely faces of the Princesses and their Generals. The four 
guardians of the Moon Princess and the Earth Prince found 
happiness and pleasure in the company of one another, and like 
Darien and Serena, they had found their soul mates. 


To Jedite, Rei looked lovelier than even the last time he saw her, 
which was the night they had first met. the night he had 
instantly fallen in love with her. Since she had become aware of 
her powers and special duty to protect Serena, the crimson aura 
that had been faint before grew in intensity till it was a vivid 
and almost tangible thing as far as he was concerned. The 
warrior’s blood that was her birthright and the essence of the 
planet that surrounded her made her radiant. To him, she was a 
He watched with an approving eye as she practiced archery in blue 
Martian fields. In looks, you could not tell that she was from 
any planet in the solar system. But her skill with the bow, her 
fierceness, her warrior’s blood, were all trademarks and came 
naturally to her. 
She pulled the arrow back and let it fly, sailing into the 
painted target’s center. He clapped with appreciation for the 
skill, and she whirled, surprised that anyone had been watching 
her. A smile graced her features when she saw him in the shadows. 
Outside, she appeared perfectly calm, but inside, her heart was 
racing and the pent up feelings since she had met him threatened 
to surface. 
“Shouldn’t you be protecting your prince?” She teased him, not 
letting on to how much she had missed him when he had returned to 
Earth after the ball on the moon. She wanted more than anything 
to throw her arms around him, but she was not sure how he would 
respond. It had been a month since they had met and she was 
“I thought I would surprise you.” He said, grinning that cocky 
grin of his. “Besides,” he continued, “Darien is perfectly safe 
in the arms of your princess.” There was a slight catch to his 
voice, and Rei blushed furiously as she caught the meaning of 
“Why, Princess Mars, I was under the idea that Martians were 
incapable of blushing.” He chuckled then in his rich tenor. 
She responded by glaring at him, the violet flames of her eyes 
making him catch his breath. He lost his teasing grin and caught 
and pulled her to him in a passionate embrace. Jedite could 
hardly believe he was behaving this way with the girl, she was at 
least five years younger than him, but those eyes...he had once 
again seen such powerful emotions in those eyes, fear, passion, 
love, kindness, strength, that he lost all vestige of self-
When he finally pulled away from her, he whispered: “I have 
missed you so much Rei. Gods have I missed you. You were all I 
thought about ever since that night on the moon. I meant what I 
said, gods I meant it with every bone in my body. I love you.”
The feelings that had threatened to surface did so with the force 
of a molten waterfall. She wanted to kiss him again, but found 
that words needed to be said. She could sense that he was scared, 
and he needed to hear his words echoed back at him. She wanted to 
say them. “Jedite, I have missed you too. When you returned to 
Earth I felt as though I wanted to go with you. We are soul mates 
you and I. We belong together. I love you.” 
“Rei. Beautiful Rei.” He said huskily. He kissed her again and 
found that she was trembling, and so he held her tighter and felt 
himself tremble as well. 
Somehow, they found themselves on the soft grass, both of them 
knowing what was happening, but also knowing that they were far 
too gone to stop it. 
When Jedite truly saw Rei for the first time, his heart felt as 
though it was thundering in his chest. Under the reddening sky 
her body fairly glowed, and the aura around her grew brighter as 
she began to reach the height of her passion and love for him. 
He entered her then, and she accepted him fully in such a way 
that tears of joy formed at the corner of his eyelids. Rei saw 
this and drew his head down and kissed the corners of his eyes. 
They began to move in perfect rhythm, aware of only each other 
for a long while. 


In the aftermath of loving Jedite looked at her sleeping form and 
gently stroked an ivory shoulder. The flame within him had died 
down for the moment, his passion quieted back down to love. She 
was no girl as he had thought. She was a woman. She was one of 
the most beautiful, smart, intelligent, kind women he had ever 
met. And she loved him. She loved him. Jedite felt as long as he 
had that then he would never again know cold lonliness. It was 
wonderous to him. And beautiful. She loved him. 

Well....there you go...a brief romantic interlude for all you rei 
and jed fans out there.....I am trying to convey the total bliss 
of Rei and Jedite’s love. And in doing so convey the peace of the 
Silver Millennium. Anyways well I hope you all enjoy that. The 
story will get darker from here. So maybe I should change my 
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