Crimson Wings

Chapter Five: The Golden Kingdom

--Gabriel (Andromeda)

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“There has been no reliable evidence of any form of enemy 
attacks.” Said Malachite. The Terran Generals along with Darien 
and his father sat in an enclosed room deep within the catacombs 
of the palace, discussing the rumor of a never- before- heard- 
of- enemy. 
“We have to look into it. We can not just ignore it.” Jedite 
spoke up, fear and anger in his ice blue eyes. The others did not 
have to ask to know why he was so angry. He was worried about the 
Martian Princess’s safety. All of them were worried about their 
princess’s safety. 
“Jedite,” Darien’s father said softly, “All of you, I know why 
you are all so worried, but if there were truly a danger to us do 
you not think that the Outers would let us know? They are, after 
all, there to protect Serenity and the rest of us.” 
“That is rather imperious of you is it not Sire?” Darien spat 
angrily. The Generals exchanged looks. This was not uncommon for 
father and son. 
“Son, they are the warrior planets.”
“So is Mars!”
“Excuse us your Majesties.” Malachite said in a polite, if forced 
voice. The two stopped arguing and without another word, Darien 
left, Malachite following closely behind. 

Darien walked through the busy streets of the Golden Kingdom, not 
noticing how the sun reflected of the gold pillars and cast 
seemingly hundreds of diamonds of light into the street. He did 
not notice the cheerful waves sent in his direction, nor the 
polite bows. He did not notice his Generals behind him. He was 
angry at his father’s blatant disregard for the Outer Worlds. He 
had said they were the warrior planets. There only to protect the 
more cultured worlds. But he had been to Mars. He had seen that 
the people of that planet were fierce warriors, but that they 
appreciated beauty and refinement. The Martians had made an art 
form out of their warrior society and Darien had no doubt that 
the Outer Worlds had done exactly that. He knew his father’s 
prejudice came from the belief that the outer planets were savage 
training grounds and that was it. 
He continued to walk on, a sickening feeling in his stomach that 
something was not right. Something was definitely not right. 

Jedite found that he missed Rei more than anywhere else when he 
was at home. The golden pillars made him think of Mars, and 
whenever he passed a Martian merchant stand his heart grew heavy. 
He followed his Prince closely, sensing that Darien needed his 
friends with him. He was just as worried as any of them. Although 
they had no doubts about the capabilities of their powerful 
princesses, the rumor had unsettled them more than they would 
ever admit. 
However, Jedite knew Rei to be strong and powerful. He also knew-
a smile gracing his face-that she would turn that famous temper 
of hers on him if he even thought about protecting her or 
expressing any of his concerns for her safety. Her pride would 
not allow it. 

Darien and his Generals held their own council in what had been 
deemed their secret hideout ever since they were children. 
Sitting on a flat rock at the bottom of a medium sized waterfall 
and facing his best friends, the Terran Prince felt more at ease, 
and a small smile spread across his face. 
“Darien how are we going to convince Serenity and the others to 
respond to this rumor?” Malachite asked, a frown creasing his 
delicate features. 
“Why should we convince them at all?” Nephrite said angrily. 
“After all, it is not their duty to protect Serena and the other 
princesses. It is ours. I say that we further investigate this 
::Rei I really could use your insight.:: Jedite thought as he 
observed the others with worried frowns on their faces.
“ I agree.” Said Zoicite. “I can not stand by and let anyone or 
anything harm Ami.”
“Nor can I let anyone harm Mina.”
“Or Rei.”
“Or Lita.”
“Or Serena.” Darien spoke up. “Which is why I agree with you 
Nephrite. We should look into this rumor and make sure that that 
is all it is...a rumor. The entire civilization depends on the 
Planet Guardians and us.” (Meaning the senshi minna ^^) 
“It is done then.” Malachite said softly. The others looked at 
their friend, hints of sadness reflected in their eyes. It was 
done. They were preparing for war. 


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