Lost Cause

Author's notes: Just some of Jadeite's thoughts after the episode where Tidas is killed. At this 
point, it was kinda a lost cause with him, y'know?

Disclaimer: Do we *hafta* go over this every single time???

Damn Sailor brats. If I don't finish at least one of them off........Queen Beryl will kill me. 
Especially after losing Tidas[1].


In Queen Beryl's eyes, a fantastic warrior.

In mine, a backstabbing bitch.

And besides, how fantastic could she have been if she was killed by a little girl with a frisbee?

But what about me?

For all my strength and telekinetic powers, I haven't been able to stop them. Not Sailor Moon, 
Mars, or that pathetic Mercury with her little bubbles. Not even that masked idiot with his 
stupid roses. What is stopping me from acheiving glory? Is it strong warriors with years of 
training, skill, and talent backing them up?


It's a frisbee, a few fireballs, some bubbles, and roses.

They're pathetic.

But if they're pathetic, and they're winning.......what does that make me?

A loser?

Is that what I am? A loser?

No! It can't be! I'm not a loser! I'll win, I'll kill them, all of them! I'll achieve my goals and 
glory! I'll succeed. For Queen Beryl.......no.

For Queen Metallia!

I'll reawaken her. That's my mission.

I'll give it all up for my mission.

Even my life.

[1]Tidas, Tetis, Thetys, whatever the hell you wanna call her. You all know who I'm talking 

*Okay, this is my take on Jadeite. I really see him as someone who is dedicated to his mission 
no matter what and kinda self-centered(okay, really self-centered). I also personally think that 
Tidas really hurt him at some point before the series started. And frankly, I don't care if all of 
you readers out there think I'm crazy and flame me. I like Jadeite, always have, always will. 
In fact, I'm working on a backstory between him and Tidas(I'm done!). You don't like it, 
tough. But if you do, please stay tuned to all my updates! ^_^*

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