Dark Messiah

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Timeline note: This story takes place after SMStars.

Dark Messiah

I have been a King. I have been a General. I have been a Guardian. But that was 
long ago - or was it yesterday? Perhaps it hasn't even happened yet... Time has 
long since lost all meaning for me. I don't know how long I've been here or how 
long I will be here. Even the reason why I am here is beginning to blur. Slowly 
but surely I am losing myself - half the time I can't even remember my name. 
Sometimes that worries me - mostly it doesn't. 
I would sigh in exasperation at myself - if I could. But I can't. It occurs to 
me to wonder how I even know what a sigh is if I can not utter one... Ah well. 
It is no matter. Almost nothing matters any more. It's too much of an effort to 
make things matter these days. I almost remember a time when things did matter: 
a lot of things, all the time. What a dreadfully hectic existence that must have 
Memories of that existence flow through my thoughts like water, sweeping me 
along for the duration. They are distracting, these flashes. They make me yearn 
for things that I just know I can never have, things I am surprised that I 
should want. 
Oh dear... here comes another one. As I am swept away, I again feel that strange 
urge to sigh... 

The scene forms slowly out of the mist around me and I watch in idle fascination 
as shapes and figures begin to appear. For the duration of the memory and for a 
brief time after, I will remember that these people and these places had names, 
but the memories will fade quickly. They always do. 
The predominant feature this time is a... I wait for the name to come to me. Ah! 
It is a fountain. Large for its kind, this fountain takes up nearly the whole 
garden. The garden if filled to the brim with... with... rose bushes and cherry 
trees, kept in a perpetual state of bloom by certain magics. The names are 
coming easier now but I still can not recall the name of our loving gardener. 
An image comes to mind and slowly coalesces out of the haze of the memory - 
willowy and slender, but lacking the curves that normally accentuate the female 
frame; long waves of copper-colored hair bound at the nape by a green velvet 
band; warm, caring emerald green pools set above a small, proudly arched nose 
and full generous lips. Everything about the youn gman screams beauty and 
gentleness. He is bent over crooning lovingly to a rose bush as he expertly 
prunes its overgrown branches. 
He look sup in my direction and offers me a brilliant smile that practically 
radiates joy. He stands up slowly and tucks a ruby red rose into the lapel of my 
uniform jacket. I smile, murmuring, "Arigato gozaimasu," even as I fret over the 
fact that his name is escaping me. As the scene fades I again feel the urge to 
Rather than being dumped into my normal coccoon of formlessness as I expect, the 
memory instead deposits me straight into another scene. It is different this 
time... After a moment of consideration, I recognize the palace library. Palace? 
Oh yes... the palace where I lived all those years ago. 
There is a man sitting at one of the tables, pouring over some old tome of 
magical lore. Unlike the first, this man is older than I. He has been... 
whatever I was... for far longer than any of us. His long, silver hair and 
shining silver eyes are a nice counterpoint to the deep navy of his cape and 
uniform. I admire him - I know this with certainty. He is easily the best of us 
and far more honorable than I could ever hope to be. 
A noise distracts him and his eyes flash up to meet my startled blue ones. When 
did I remember the color of my eyes? Oh well - again, it is no matter. I come 
back to the scene as teh older man's eyes snap downwards to the rose still 
sitting serenely in my jacket lapel. His eyes narrow and he offers up an 
accusatory look. 
I laugh and throw my hands up in surrender. It seems like the right thing to do. 
I am almost startled at teh sound of my voice when it emerges, amused from my 
lips, "Easy, Kunzite! Zoisite was pinning them on everyone who happened by the 
garden this morning. Besides - no one in their right mind would want to get 
between you two!" 
He relaxes at my words and I fell better having finally been able to put names 
to the two faces. No sooner do I think this than does the scene shift again. I 
feel a moment's panic as I feel the weight of a sword in my hand and realize 
that I am fighting someone with it. My momentary pause allows some forgotten 
instinct to take control of my movements. As my body slowly remembers how to 
spar, I begin to relax and enjoy the experience. 
A deep, booming laugh sound from my sparring partner as the exercise draws to a 
close, "There you go! See? You're getting better - it's just like I told you. 
Relax into the movements and let your body do the rest. Easy as pie, ne?" 
I nod, panting, as Nephrite sheathes his sword and brushes waves of long, 
sweat-damp mahogony tresses from his face. It occurs to me to wonder why mine 
are so much shorter than everyone else's. I can even dimly recall being teased 
aobut it by the man standing in front of me. 
Even as I think this, Nephrite punches me in the shoulder, "So when are you 
gonna start growing your hair, scamp? Even Kunzite's is longer!" 
I shrug as a blush suffuses my face. I'd answer him if I could remember the 
reason. I know there must have been one... Or maybe it's just wishful thinking 
on my part. I suppose that I didn't need to have a reason for everything I did. 
But, then that's the problem - I don't really remember... 
As I once again focus on my thoughts, the scene fades once again. I am older now 
- far older than before. My blonde hair iss still short, my uniform still navy 
blue. I don't know why that should matter... I just know it does. A quick vision 
of a charcoal grey uniform designed almost exactly as my current one makes me 
shiver. That uniform invokes fear in me - real fear. I wish I knew why. Perhaps 
it's better than I don't remember. 
I focus back on the the scene in front of me. It is night and the moon is full. 
A young, raven-haired young man stands in front of me, staring forlornly up at 
that image of pristine beauty. But I know it is not the moon he sees. He sees 
another beautiful lunar vision. He sees pale ivory skin, deep ice blue eyes, and 
floor length golden hair. For once, the names do not escape me. I know that this 
is my Prince - Endymion - the one I Guarded for so long. And I know that he is 
dreaming of his Princess, Serenity of the Moon. 
For once, I know what is coming before my mind tries to throw me into it. I 
know, and I resist. I will not go down that path. I know what happens and I 
refuse to watch it again. Endymion's death, Serenity's death... my own betrayal. 
I can not watch it again. It is too painful - and am I not remorseful enough for 
what I have done? Have I not paid the price over and over and over again? 
Somewhere deep inside, I know I have. I have more than paid the price for my 
actions and I am ready to be released. But release will never come. Freedom will 
never come. I will be trapped here with my guilt for all eternity. The scene 
explodes outward with a blinding force and I am thrown back into the mist. 

This time, there is no comforting blur as I emerge from the roller coaster ride 
my memories have tossed me upon. I remember everything with a dreadful clarity 
that I have not experienced since being sealed in this place all those years 
ago. I want to weep. I want to tear at my hair. I want to scream. I want to die. 
Anything that would change the truth of where I am. For now I remember... and 
this time I don't think the memory will fade back into oblivion. This time, I 
think I'm well and truly stuck with it. 
My name... my name is Jadeite. I was first among the Dark Kingdom Kings. The 
first to face the reincarnated Senshi. The first to fail. The first to pay the 
price. And, oh, my Prince... if you ever wished retribution upon me for my 
betrayal you have achieved it one hundred fold. But I don't think the knowledge 
would make you happy. In fact, I think it would do quite the opposite. I 
wouldn't even wish this upon my worst enemy, and I know you would weep with 
remorse if you ever knew. I pray you never do. You don't deserve that guilt. 
Yet even as I feel my mind sinking into a black hole of dispair, I see a ray of 
hope. I know... someone, somewhere, is searching for me. Someone, somewhere, 
knows of my dreadful fate. Someone, somewhere, is looking for a way to set me 
free. Into the joy of life or the pain of death - I no longer care. I just want 
an end to this torment, an end to the nothingness. Please God, let her find me 

Setsuna looked up from her novel as her adopted daughter gave a little sigh and 
sat up straight. In the days since the Sailor Starlights had left, life had 
pretty much returned to normal. Hotaru had been returned to her proper age and 
the Senshi had returned to school - well, all except for her of course. She let 
a light smirk cross her face as she watched Hotaru approach her from the other 
side of the pool deck. Oh the benefits of age... one doesn't have to sit through 
algebra and physics... 
Hotaru had a troubled look upon her face when she finally reached Setsuna's 
side. The older woman made room for her upon her blanket and raised an eyebrow, 
"Daijoubu, Hotaru-chan?" 
She frowned, "I'm... I'm not sure, Setsuna-mama." Setsuna smiled at the 
endearment - no matter how old she got, Hotaru never seemed to outgrow her 
childish sweetness. It was truly ironic considering who and what she was. Hotaru 
continued, "Remember what we discussed the other night?" 
Setsuna removed her sunglasses and gave Hotaru her full attention. The 
conversation they'd had two nights ago had been strange - mostly focused on the 
fact that one of the Dark Kingdom Kings might still be alive. Hotaru had sensed 
it and Setsuna had confirmed it. The discussion about what to do with this 
information had been heated, to say the least. They had wordlessly agreed not to 
share this information with the other Senshi until they had decided upon a 
course of action. It appeared that Hotaru had come to a decision. She steeled 
herself, "Hai, Hotaru-chan. I remember." 
Hotaru curled her arms around her knees and nodded to herself, "I can't leave 
him like that, Setsuna. He's done nothing to deserve the punishment he earned. 
And if ever he did... these past few years have long since paid for it. He 
wasn't... he wasn't that horrible a person, ne?" 
Setsuna shook her head, "No... no he wasn't. And for what it's worth, I agree. 
I'll support your decision, no matter what the ramifications." 
This time is was Hotaru's turn to smirk, "I'm going to catch Hell from the Inner 
Senshi over this, aren't I?" 
Setsuna chuckled and pulled her daughter in close for a brief hug, "Hai, 
Hotaru-chan. Undoubtedly." 
Hotaru stood up and brushed herself off, "Then I suppose I'd best get started... 
I'll inform you when I return." With no further preamble, Hotaru pulled the 
Silence Glaive from it's spot in hammerspace and transformed. Sailor Saturn 
offered her one jaunty wave before disappearing into a spot of black light. 
Setsuna replaced her sunglasses with a sigh, "Ganbatte, Hotaru-chan... 

I don't konw how much time has passed... I think I've lost track, again. Oh, 
hell - what does it matter? The old refrains echo in my head. ~Matter? Nothing 
matters. Why should it matter? It shouldn't matter... It's no matter.~ And on 
and on and on. I can't take it any more. Memory is more of a curse than this 
sleep crystal ever was. Between the two, I think I'll go mad... 
I vaguely remember having the same troubles before the mists descended the first 
time. I remember fighting them with all I had, struggling to retain myself, my 
memory. In the end it was to no avail. Not for the first time, I feel the desire 
to throw a temper tantrum. It is a silly wish, but I don't care. I just want to 
be able to move!! The frustrated desire makes me want to cry. The realization 
that I can't makes it that much worse. ~I can't take this anymore!!!!!~ 
Something cool and soothing provides a balm to my distraught spirit. It is only 
then that I realize that I had broadcast that thought on a wide mental band. I 
nearly kick myself for not having thought of that approach sooner. Or... maybe I 
did. I remember trying it. But no one was in range. But someone... someone is. 
Now. I desperately try to reach out to that cool darkness and am met with a 
gentle resistance - almost like a parent pushing a feverish child back down into 
its bed. I like the analogy and have to fight the urge to smile. I know that I 
can not. 
That dark power surrounds me, more intense than any magic I have ever felt. It 
is with no small amount of trepidation that I finally recognize the power sigil 
of the Messiah of Silence. How did Sailor Saturn awaken without my feeling it? 
You'd think that even I couldn't be that oblivious, ne? Oh well... I suppose I 
am. I again fight the urge to chuckle - though this time I am teetering on the 
edge of hysteria as I do so. 
And then... as suddenly as if I was never trapped... I am free. The light almost 
blinds me, my eyes are watering terribly - but there are warm arms around me, 
fighting back the chill of the cavern. There is a calming voice above me and a 
blessed darkness emanates from the source of the voice, blotting out the 
piercing rays of light. I look up into the face of my savior - I don't care what 
she is to everyone else, but forever after, she will be my Messiah. Truly an 
angel, sent by God... there is no other explanation. 
She smiles down at me, still murmuring quietly soothing words. It takes me a 
while to begin to make them out. My ears haven't had to function in a long, long 
time... When they finally begin to make sense of the sound that they are 
hearing, I smile. It is a strange sensation - I moved. The thought makes me 
smile wider and before I know it a joyful laugh has bubbled up from my chest. 
She joins me, delighted by my innocent joy. I want to hug her, but my arms just 
won't move that much. 
Almost as if she understands my desire, she wraps her arms more firmly about me 
and gives me a gentle squeeze, "Easy... You'll be fine. You just need time to 
recover, Jadeite. And it's time that I fully intend to give you." 
I smile again. To hear my name spoken... a real name, by a real voice... is like 
a dream come true. Such a simple thing, really, but it means so much... I am 
surprised to feel tears tracking down my cheeks towards my upturned lips. Why 
should I cry? Perhaps... perhaps because I can. My mind slowly winds down into 
sleep, and I sink gratefully into the darkness - I am exhausted. Oyasumi nasai, 
my angel, my Messiah... I'll see you when I wake. 

Hotaru stared down upon the sleeping man with a mix of emotions. Those last 
words... they had nearly undone her. She gathered him up into her arms, 
transporting them both to Setsuna's home - the small one that she kept as a 
retreat from normal life. Those last words... she couldn't help but turn them 
over and over in her mind. Angel... Messiah... For once, that last word didn't 
hold quite the sting it had. It sounded like the title of a saviour. She smiled 
as she tucked the sleeping Guardian into bed. ~Messiah... I think... I think I 
could get to like that.~ And so, she settled down in the windowseat by the bed, 
Silence Glaive held loosely in one hand, to wait upon his awakening. For 
tonight, she would Guard him - he'd more than earned the privilage. 
She whispered quietly, "Oyasumi nasai... I'll be here for you when you wake." 
Even unaware as he was of his surroundings, Jadeite's lips curled up into a 
smile. His mind drifted off to hazy dreams, filled by the faces of friends - 
those long gone and those just waiting. He had been a King, he had been a 
General, he had been a Guardian. And now that he was free... he would be so 


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