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Oh Jadeite?
By Gita Toronjil-Lee


Kunzite likes
little boys with green eyes;
Nephrite little girls
with eyes blue.
Zoisite gazes
in bluish-gray hazes;
and Jadeite looks for… who?

 Is it the Queen
with eyes serpentine?
Is it Nephrite-sama tall?
Is it the youma child
Sea-eyes showing love wild?
Does he like any at all?

Kunzite enjoys
orange-haired boys;
Nephrite has eyes for
the redhead.
Zoisite lingers
on white hair in his fingers;
Jadeite’s true feelings seem dead.

Does he like girls
With blond tresses, no curls?
Or maybe with raven-black hair?
Does he go for the ones
with their hair up in buns?
Is he even able to care?

Kunzite is fond of
Pretty ones to love;
Nephrite finds hope
in a girl’s heart.
Zoisite keeps dear
stoics who hold him near;
and no-one of Jadeite is part.

Does he prefer to control
the vulnerable?
Does he like those who are strong?
Girl, boy, or other –
Who’d he choose for a lover?
Must he make us wonder so long?

Even the Queen cruel
Has someone to make her fool,
Hair short and jet-black,
Eyes azure.
But Jadeite, blonde blue-eyes
and a skill for disguise
has closéd and locked love’s door.


Author’s Note:  Another no comment, save that I am aware of the possible sticky grammar 
spot in the first stanza.  It wouldn’t have rhymed otherwise!  Sue me!  (and if I think of 
something better, I’ll change it.)  And also that I meant “serpentine” to mean “snake-like”, 
even if that’s not the exact definition.

 …oh, and one more thing.  Jadeite may not have any sort of definite love life per se, but if his 
seiyuu’s single and ever interested in an American teenager who doesn’t speak his language 
but worships his singing voice and his laugh, he can have my number any day!


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