A Teacher's Nightmare
Part 2
(c) 1999 by Sailor Jade (evil scout of the Negaverse)


"Amethyst. What were you doing in the Earth Realm?" Queen Beryl asked, waving 
her hands over her crystal ball. 

Amethyst fidgeted and slowly straightened from her bow. "I was... uh..." 

"Don't stammer to me!" Beryl shouted. 

Amethyst winced and looked down at her boot tips. "I'm sorry my Queen." 

"Now what were you doing in the Earth Realm?" 

"I was attempting to set up a secret identity in which I could frequently go to 
places most people would be suspicious if I just showed up," Amethyst said now 
studying the floor tiles. "My main purpose, though, was to try and find out 
something about the Sailor Scouts." 

Beryl nodded. "And how are you doing on this research?" 

"I found a potential scout," Amethyst offered glancing up at Beryl. 

"Who is that?" 

"Sailor V," Amethyst replied. "She lives in England and fights with human 
villains, not youma. There are posters all over Tokyo of her. She has the same 
short skirt, same terra, has magic powers, everything that could point her 
towards being a scout. I thought she might be Sailor Venus. The V part fits." 

Zoicite's laugh filled the air and Amethyst slowly turned around. Zoicite 
floated lazily in the air smiling at Amethyst. "Why would a Sailor Scout be 
reborn so far away from the others? I think you're just making it up to save 
your skin!" 

Amethyst glared at Zoicite. "With all due respect, but shouldn't you be 
torturing someone right now? You're not useful for anything else." 

Zoicite opened his mouth angrily. "Just wait until you become a traitor, then 
we'll see how good I am." 

"Enough!" Queen Beryl commanded. "Although your information is useful, as long 
as Sailor V stays in England she is of no threat to us. Dismissed." 

Amethyst teleported away with a sigh. At least she wasn't going to get killed 

* * *

3 weeks later...
"You're improving," Jedite said nodding. 

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever," Amethyst replied balancing an ice crystal on her 
finger tip. She didn't like using the messy crystals, but Jedite wanted her to 
be well-rounded in battle. 

Jedite stared at her. Amethyst had been acting strangely lately. He suspected 
that it had something to do with the Earth Realm. "What's the matter?" he 
finally asked. 

"That's nice," Amethyst sighed. 

A smile tugged at Jedite's lips. "Hey, Amethyst. Queen Beryl grew three more 
heads and is moving to Cuba to have them removed." 

"Interesting," Amethyst sighed, "Have a nice time." 

 Queen Beryl's telepathic roar echoed in Amethyst's and 
Jedite's minds. 

"Sounds like *someone's* in trouble!" Amethyst chirped throwing the crystal 
towards the wall. "Five, four, three, two, one," she counted down. 

"What the...?" Zoicite screeched as he dodged to miss the crystal. 

"You are really too predictable," Amethyst said smiling. 

Zoicite glared angrily at Amethyst, then turned his attention to the pale 
Jedite. "So Jedite, how does it feel knowing that soon you're going to be youma 

"Why would he be that?" Amethyst asked innocently. 

"For something he said." 

"What did he say?" 

"That Queen Beryl grew three more heads and is moving to Cuba to have them 


Zoicite paled and just stood there. Nephrite soon arrived on the scene. "So 
Zoicite, you're in trouble, too." 

"For what?" Amethyst asked. 

"For saying that Queen Beryl grew three more heads and is moving to Cuba to have 
them removed." 


Nephrite stood stock still in shock. Malicite was next. "I don't believe you all 
got in trouble," Malicite laughed. "That shows how easily you can be fooled." 

"What are they in trouble for?" 

"For saying... Wait a sec! I'm not going to get tricked by you!" 

"Really. What did they say?" 

"I'm not going to be tricked!" 

"Why would I want to do that?" 

"Because then you could get some time off." 

"But how would I trick you?" 

"By getting me to say that Queen Beryl grew three more heads and is moving to 
Cuba to have them removed." 




All four generals, who were now scared stiff, paled even more as they teleported 
away to Queen Beryl's throne room. Amethyst smiled. "Sweet heavenly silence," 
she whispered contently. The watch that she had bought with some conjured money 
started to beep shrilly. "And just in time too! I have to meet Molly in five 
minutes!" with that Amethyst teleported away to the Earth Realm. 

* * *

Several months later... 

"So Jeddy, how are you doing on cleaning detail?" Amethyst asked smiling 

"I'm going to get you for that," Jedite growled. So far Amethyst had gotten him 
in trouble at least once every month. As soon as Jedite thought that he was 
finished with cleaning detail she got him into trouble again, usually taking at 
least one other general with him. He was really starting to get tired of her. 

"Get me for what?" 

"For tricking me to delivering a letter to Beryl that just so happened to say 
'Beryl sux' on it." 


"Dammit!" Jedite swore. He stood up and brushed off his uniform. "If I live 
through this you are going to pay!" 

Amethyst smiled. "The major word is *if* you survive." 

Jedite glared at her and teleported to Queen Beryl's throne room to be punished 
for the fifth time that month. 

* * *

"So Ammy, were have you been the past hour?" Raye asked. She still didn't like 
the feeling she got when around her. 

Amethyst smiled. "I had to get Jed in trouble so I wouldn't have to worry about 
him ruining my fun. At this rate he'll be on cleaning detail forever." 

Serena stared at Amethyst. "How did you do it *this* time?" 

"I got him to say some very nasty things about Aunt Bette," Amethyst told them 
with a grin a mile wide. 

"So where do you want to go today?" Amy asked. 

Amethyst shrugged. "Surprise me." 

"How about the park?" Raye suggested. 

"Yeah, it's really beautiful there," Amy added. 

"But I want to go to the video arcade," Serena whined. 

"We can do that after," Amethyst said walking towards the park. A smile lit up 
on her face. "Race you there!" 

"That's no fair! You got a head start!" Raye laughed running after the strange 
girl. There was something about her that Raye just couldn't place... 

Halfway to the park Jedite's face filled the sky. "Sailor Moon," his voice 
thundered, "I challenge you, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars to a fight at the 
airport tomorrow night. If not..." a fireball dropped out of Jedite's mouth 
setting the city on fire. 

"What the heck!" Raye said coming to an abrupt stop. 

"Stop it!" Serena shouted. 

Jedite snapped his fingers. "That was only an illusion. But if you don't show up 
I will burn the city to the ground, for real!" His image faded from sight. 

"Damn you Jedite," Amethyst muttered, "No matter what I do to you, you always 
find someway to ruin my fun!" 

"What was that?" Raye asked suspiciously. She had thought she had heard her 
mutter something about Jedite. 


"Uh, Ammy. I think we need to go home," Amy said walking away from Amethyst. 

"Oh, sure," Amethyst said trying to hide the disappointment in her voice. She 
had really wanted to hang out with them tonight. 

All three girls ran away leaving Amethyst behind.  she 

* * *

Amethyst made sure that she arrived early enough so that Jedite wouldn't sense 
her arrival at the airport. Hey, since Jedite had messed up her plans for last 
night she didn't really mind the thought of bugging him for at least a little 
while. Amethyst found herself a comfortable perch and settled in to wait for a 
long time. 

* * *

Amethyst awoke with a start. How long had she been sleeping? An hour at least. 
She looked down at the runway and was surprised to see that all three scouts 
were there facing Jedite. Jedite looked weak and injured, he didn't stand a 
chance in his current condition. 

Amethyst jumped down from her perch and landed with a soft thump. She *did* 
choose a place 40 feet above the ground, and she still wasn't very good at 
muffling many of her jumps. With a thought, Amethyst changed her cloths into a 
more human-like outfit. In that outfit the scouts wouldn't realize she was part 
of the Negaverse and Jedite would recognize her. She walked closer to the four 
people trying to listen in. 

"You shall never defeat me!" Jedite crowed holding his hurt arm. "No one has 
ever been able to defeat me before and three children shall not be the first!" 

Amethyst smiled.  

"There's a first time for everything, Jedite!" a girl who Amethyst identified as 
Sailor Mars cried. 

"More like a second time," Amethyst muttered. 

"And now it's time to finish you off!" Mercury yelled. 

"Right. Moon Tiara Magic!" 

Jedite managed to duck the flying tiara, but barely. It was then that Amethyst 
realized what the scouts wanted to do with Jedite.  she thought panicky. 

"It takes more then your little frisbee to take care of me, Sailor Brat!" 

"Well lets see how another one works out! Moon Tiara Magic!" 

"No!" Amethyst yelled jumping in front of Jedite. 

"Ammy!" Sailor Moon gasped. "Tiara stop!" 

Amethyst closed her eyes expecting to feel the pain of death hit her. The only 
thing she felt was nothing and the only thing she heard was a small thump like 
metal hitting concrete. "Am I dead yet?" she whispered. 

"Of course not, stupid!" Jedite snapped getting to his feet. "I could of taken 
care of that myself!" 

"Great way to show your thanks after I just saved your life!" Amethyst yelled 

The scouts stared at the two people in front of them and started to sneak away. 

Several minutes and three different topics later Amethyst and Jedite realized 
that the scouts were gone. 

"Damn! The scouts are gone!" Jedite swore. 


Jedite and Amethyst exchanged a glance and both of them teleported to Queen 
Beryl's throne room... 

* * *

Year 3027...

Amethyst sighed and concentrated on breaking the crystal. She had searched many 
years to find Jedite's prison and she wasn't going to give up just because she 
couldn't figure out how to break the spell. 

She had already managed to bring Malicite, Zoicite, and Nephrite back from the 
dead so why couldn't she do something simple like break Jedite's crystal? It was 
probably because of that thrice damned Neo-Queen Serenity. Even though Amethyst 
was extremely careful to make sure no evidence of magical work happened, the 
Queen of Earth made sure that her scouts made a scan of the area every year. 
They always did it on the same day so when they showed up almost a month earlier 
then she had expected she had gone into a panic hiding everything that could 
show that someone lived there. 

Amethyst sighed again. It really was too bad she had messed up so badly when she 
resurrected the three dead generals, they couldn't use their powers anymore. 
They had tried to help as much as they could, but most of the work was left up 
to her. She hoped she didn't make the same mistake when she brought back Jedite. 
She couldn't stand having to take care of another general. 

A sounding crack filled the air and the crystal split down the middle. Amethyst 
grabbed Jedite with her powers and placed him in a bed that she had already set 
up for his use. He would need to rest after the injuries that occurred over a 
century ago. 

Amethyst staggered out of the room feeling completely drained. While walking 
slowly down the halls of the old negaverse she stopped in front of a mirror. She 
traced the outline of her face in the reflection. She had grown so much older. 
She wasn't the same bouncy fourteen year old child, now she was a twenty-two 
year old woman. A woman that not only had to support herself but now four other 
people. Three of which she was sure had lost their powers. This wasn't what she 
wanted in life. She had wanted to grow up and become a regular person. She 
wanted to start her own place without a worry. She had that place, but her life 
was a nightmare. She was a nervous wreak worrying about whether the magic 
damping shields were working, whether Zoicite was going to kill Nephrite, and 
scared stiff about what would happen if the scouts found out about them living 

"But this was what I chose," she muttered to herself. "My life is a nightmare 
because that's what I made Jedite's. That's it. I was a teacher's nightmare..." 

Amethyst's attention was turned to the crash of broken glass and shouts. 

She sighed and left to break up Zoicite's and Nephrite's fight. 


The End 


Author's Note:
I wrote this while I was home sick so I wasn't thinking straight. Pity me, ok? 
This story was intended to be a humor fanfic but ended on a serious note. So sue 

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon doesn't belong to me (though I wish she did) she belongs 
to DIC and every one else that deals with her. The annoying brat Amethyst does 
belong to me I made her up myself. Incredible huh? 'Nuff said. 

(c) by Sailor Jade - Email: dearings@eaglequest.com 

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