Okay, this is a generals/senshi fanfic including all eight of them, each chapter
is one pair and no, Serena/Usagi and Darien/Mamoru is not in here, I don't write
about those two and I rarely read about them. And on with the story (poems actually).
This one is from Jadeite to Rei (they're my favorite couple), as you'll see.

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From The Bottom of My Heart

The Temperature of Fire (1/4)
    By: Cosmos Sailor Mars

From the first glance I stole of you,
I fell in love,
My heart burning of passion,
Like the flames I rule.

But your eyes are hard,
And cold as ice,
When they met my own,
Shivers were send down my spine.

Instantly I know,
You've been hurt before,
The old wounds are still in you,
And you aren't ready for anything yet.

But I also know,
As long as you're hurting,
I'll always be next to you,
Helping you to defeat the pain.

I am the Prince of the Fire Realm,
And you are my Princess,
Just like the flames,
We will always be together.

Remember when you asked how I helped you,
And I said it's a secret,
Now I'll tell you the truth,
Because the temperature of fire can always melt ice.

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