A Typical Day
by Lady Jo
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It was a typical day in the Dark Kingdom as a certain blond haired King was 
struggling to complete a task.
"Jadeite-sama..." an unusally beautiful yomma called out. Like I said, it was a 
typical day.
The man stopped and answered with a disgruntled "What?" The girl was apparently 
used to this kind of outburst as she carried on in a typically husky voice.
"I was just going to say it might help if held it the right way round, not 
upside down." Still atop a ladder the ayrian looked at the object in his hands, 
over to the girl and back again. With a sigh of defeat he threw the object 
against the far wall and climbed down as it shattered. This is what the woman 
had been waiting for.
"Jadeite, I know you have said no before-"
"And I'll say it again. No."
"But this is really special, you'll love it."
"No look Tetis-"
"The food's great. You will like it. You really will."

He paused, "No."
"You can't knock it until you've tried it. Come on Jed."
"No." I can't take much more of this. You've been plaguing me for days. Why 
can't you just let me be?He thought as still she carried on.
"Please Jeddy..." she whined. He's weakening, Tetis thought to herself as she 
noticed the far-away, dazed look in his eyes. Time to turn on the tears... 
Tetis sighed as though her heart would break. "What changed between us Jed?" she 
asked softly. That snapped Jadeite straight back to reality. 
What changed?! One day I woke up and suddenly I was irresitable to you. Ever 
since then you haven't left me alone. True I have the looks of a movie star, but 
still... Uh-oh. I'd better answer the question. He thought in mild shock.
"What changed?" he echoed.
Tetis knew then that he was falling for her ploy. Hook, line and sinker. Trying 
hard not to giggle she barely whispered, "We used to be so close..." Her body 
shook as the tears began to fall. Jadeite looked at her and his resolve melted 
away. Just because he was evil didn't mean he had to be cruel. He had to admit, 
she was cute. he sighed in resigniton.
"Fine. If it means that much to you, I'll take you out for diner tonight." He 
mumbled. Tetis immediately looked up, all smiles.
"You will?" she squealed. "Thank you Jed. You won't regret this." she called as 
she waltzed out of the room before he could change his mind.
Jadeite was left with the distinct feeling that he had been tricked...


Well what did you think? This the first Jadeite and Tetis fan fiction I have 
written so please be kind. I know it's kinda short. I would love some feedback 
on this so please send any comments you got to lovelyladyjo@hotmail.com
Thank you :)
Lady Jo

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