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Reasons to love!

Mini-Jeddy no Kawaii!
  1. Gorgeous
  2. He's a king
  3. Evil...
  4. ...and not dead! (not completely)
  5. The magic
  6. See for yourself
  7. Such a sexy voice in the original
  8. Actually, his dub voices are decent too
  9. The way he can look both boyishly cute and stunningly cruel
  10. He could take on any job
  11. Has no significant other
  12. Not gay, no matter what the doujinshi-ka draw
  13. He'd probably be thankful if you thawed him up
  14. He can make that horrendous uniform look good
  15. The laugh
  16. He's named after a gemstone (admit it, wouldn't you like to be Mrs. Jadeite?)
  17. Even after being run over by an airplane, he's cute
  18. Those cold, sexy eyes
  19. He has aged with grace (the Shitennou are 1000+ according to the anime)
  20. No family, means no in-laws, and...
  21. ...he doesn't even seem to be involved in any disputes with the other kings
  22. He's the commander of the Eastern troops, so when they take over the Earth you could get all the manga you want!
  23. He looks really good in some of his Earth outfits
  24. Strong enough to reflect Sailormoon's tiara
  25. So many cool ways to teleport
  26. The kawaii bangs
  27. Has such a lovely tan when he's posing as a captain
  28. He survived the appearance of not less then three Sailor senshi
  29. Wonderful hair
  30. Cool boots
  31. He's the second youngest, making it maybe a teensy bit easier when you're trying to introduce him to your mom
  32. There's not as much competition about hims as say, Mamoru
  33. Lovely blond hair


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