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Love Match

What the heck is this?
These are some (un)scientifical calculations and theories about who Jadeite would fit with. The first comes from Dr. Love's site, a nifty place where you see how different persons are matched.
The second version was made by some unknown grade-scholar I suppose. See further down for explanations.

Important note: This entire page is totally useless. But pretty fun ^_^

Dr. Love
Jadeite & Minako Aino: 88%
Dr. Love thinks that a relationship between Jadeite and Minako Aino has a very good chance of being successful, but this doesn't mean that you don't have to work on the relationship. Remember that every relationship needs spending time together, talking with each other etc.

This was the highest percentage of all the possibilities I tested, so I suppose that ficwriters who've paired Venus up with Jeddy were on to something. However, since Jadeite is currently an oversized Christmas-decoration, and Minako was cursed by Adonis (Sailor V manga only) to never find true love, things could go downhill pretty fast.

Sailor Mars and Jadeite Jadeite & Zoisite/Endymion/Sailor Mars/Usagi Tsukino/Rei Hino/Nephrite: 72% - 53%
(Zoisite got the highest percentage, then it's falling, but they all had the same comments)
Dr. Love thinks that a relationship between Jadeite and **** has a reasonable chance of working out, but on the other hand, it might not. Your relationship may suffer good and bad times. If things might not be working out as you would like them to, do not hesitate to talk about it with the person involved. Spend time together, talk with each other.

Um, yeah, this was interesting... According to these Love calculations, Jeddy has a better shot with both his boss or Zoi-chan then with his old fiance, no matter what incarnation she's in. And Nephrite was on the bottom of the heap, yay! (I'm not too fond of the Star King) Anyhow, most of these people are taken, and none of them has shown any kind of friendly feelings towards poor Jadeite. Guess he's destined to be alone... then there's always me ^_~
I also think most normal relationships would end up in this category, since very few find their one true love and can stay with him/her/it forever without trouble.

Jadeite & Beryl/Kunzite: 49% - 39%
The chance of a relationship working out between Jadeite and **** is not very big, but a relationship is very well possible, if the two of you really want it to, and are prepared to make some sacrifices for it. You'll have to spend a lot of quality time together. You must be aware of the fact that this relationship might not work out at all, no matter how much time you invest in it.

Ouch, don't hit me! I just had to see what I would get, okay?
But these results are probably the most true in the entire test. No matter how much you try some things are just fated not to be, and praise the Lord for that.
Also, Kunzite is most definitely taken, and Queen Bitch... Whoops, typo, I mean Beryl. She's totally ga-ga over Endymion. And I sincerely hope that Jadeite has better taste than her anyway.


Do you remember, back in school, when you sat and scribbled down different ways to see how much you loved someone and how well your intended and you would fit together? This is similar to that ^_^

An example: Dancing Moon LOVES Jadeite = 88%

Count the number of times the letters in the word "loves" appears in your names, and write it down. (L-0, O-2, V-0, E-2, S-0 in this case) Now, start adding the numbers, and continue that until you only have two digits left, as shown in the chart to the right.

The number you get indicates how many percent you're totally in love with the person in question, and how much change you've got of getting together.

In the cases where the numbers never end, you're either destined to be or to mooning over him/her for an eternity without getting anywhere, or you are already together and will never break up. Pick the version which fits.

And remember, if you want to try this yourself, the more accurate the name is (no nicknames) the truer the score. Meaning those measly 88 % doesn't count! I love him at least 320 %, if not more!!!
You wanna know what I got with my real name? Well... sore wa himitsu desu ;P

Jadeite LOVES Aino Minako = 88 %

Wow, they do seem to match, according to these tests ^.^ And exactly the same percentage...
I still think Minako-chan is too spunky and carefree for someone like Jadeite, but let's list what they've got in common before I start nagging on their (possible) relationship.
Both are blond, and are often written as clueless and ditzy by certain fic-authors. You know who you are... They also seem to work best alone, since one can only say that Minako's relative strength steadily dropped after she joined the others and gave up Sailor V. Both are decent actors (Minako wants to be a star, remember?) and have nice voices, even if we never hear Jeddy sing. But that radio episode, yum!
On the negative side, Minako is best described as hyper, and she loves socializing. So, their interests aren't exactly compatible (not to mention their careers) and I just can't imagine anything between them. Maybe it is because we never see them interact, and at least in the manga, it is strongly hinted that both Jadeite and Minako-chan has other lovers.

Jadeite LOVES Hino Rei = 71 %

Here she scored second at least. They have some sort of history, even if it's hard to say how it went.
Jadeite admires Rei's beauty, and seems to feel some kind of connection to the Senshi of Fire in the manga. But Rei on the other hand, shows nothing but scorn for him, and is responsible for his death.
On the positive side: Jadeite is quite level-headed, making him a good counterbalance against Rei's hot temper. Also, they are the red warriors, and even if Jadeite isn't so into mysticism as Rei, his magic is of the 'classical' spell type, as opposed to i.e Zoisite's which is mostly manipulation of the elements. Both are also deeply dedicated to their work, and take a strong personal interest in what they do.
Their position in their various groups are similar; Venus is the leader of the inner and Jupiter is the strongest. After them comes Mars, who, especially in the beginning, showed a great interest in becoming the true leader of the inner Senshi. In turn, Nephrite and Kunzite are the two strongest Kings, and the way Jadeite volunteers for the mission to gather energy indicates that he wouldn't mind pushing them down a step or two on the rang-scale.
Now, isn't there any downsides? You bet on it.
I've already said that Rei kills him in the manga, but they've got a lot of hostility between each other in the anime too. It is never clearly stated, but I would guess that Jadeite hates Sailor Mars even more then the others. Her appearance was one of the final straws for Beryl, and their attitudes just clash so extremely bad. And as both Jadeite and Rei can get really pissed, it would probably be a very stormy relationship. The fact that Jadeite managed to sneak by Rei's wards and used her shrine is something she will not easily forget or forgive.
Lastly, both are extremely loyal to their leaders. Jadeite scrapes before Beryl more then anyone, and seems to genuinely respect her. If you look under Rei's hard shell you'll find someone who'd sacrifice everything for her princess. Including love.

Jadeite LOVES Beryl = 63 %

The thought makes me sick, so let's just say this... NOOOOOOOOOO! Don't let it be true! *breaks down crying* Hopefully, the score is only so high because he's very loyal and dedicated.
Anyway, Beryl most certainly doesn't love Jadeite, so even if he feels something for her, chances of anything ever happening are pretty slim (phew)

Jadeite LOVES Nephrite = 53 %

Being such a yaoi nut, I had to test this. Sadly, their score isn't exactly wonderful, but it's not complete crap either. If you look statistically at the change of any of the Shitennou being gay, it indicates that not even Kunzite's and Zoisite's relationship should've happened, much less that anything might occur between the remaining two. But, this is anime, meaning almost anything can happen.
So, what does my sweetheart and the Star King have in common that could help their relationship work out? First of all, both are loners (which might or might not be positive) and they interact more with humans then other high commanders of the Dark Kingdom. None of them seem to fond of Zoisite, and both has this slightly up-tight, military way, even when they're not in uniform. It's also possible that their taste in clothing is similar, at least to the extent that both prefer to get rid of the uniform when possible.
My personal opinion is also that both of them are notorious liars, even if Jadeite isn't quite as bad as the second king, but the fact that he can charm his way in almost everywhere and manage to fool the Senshi shows that he's quite skilled at deception. So, I guess they could have fun trying to figure out each others lies (or something...) The fact that they're both members of the Shitennou could also help, even if it's not exactly a good situation where the quickest way to rize in rank is to kill your lover.
In the manga, they were near friends, and Nephrite appeared deeply hurt and angered by Jadeite's death; he even swore he'd bring him back to life him.
On the negative side, anime-Nephrite calls Jadeite an idiot, and their way of taking a on mission is completely unlike. While Jadeite appears to be content with living in some kind of formless space (inside a sub-space?) Nephrite clearly has refined taste, shown in everything he does and owns. For someone posing as a millionaire it might be hard to live with a person who appears to be such a Spartan as Jadeite. Then there's of course Naru...
And lastly (which seems most important to yaoi writers and artists everywhere) they would look damn good together!

Jadeite LOVES Tsukino Usagi = 51 %

Almost fifty-fifty, eh? Well, if she wasn't so hung up on Endymion, I could see this work, at least with the more mature Usagi we meet in season four and five. Usagi would certainly not mind, at least not if she could turn Jadeite good, because she has several times exclaimed how gorgeous he is.
And Jadeite did seem affected when she clung to him during that cruise episode *smiles*

Jadeite LOVES Thetis = 41 %

Seems the poor youma lost out again. She acted as if she was desperately in love with Jadeite, but he refused to acknowledge her existence until he realized he could draw profit from her. So, this score is probably the closes she'll get to him. Since they are both evil, and seem to have a similar way of working, a relationship might work out, but frankly, Jadeite just dosn't care about her and there's not much more to add.

If you know any other method, do send me a mail about it and I'll smack something together (if the rules are understandable) All comments, suggestions and critique is sent to Dancing Moon


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