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Jadeite, King of Illusions Welcome to King of Illusion - A Shrine to Jadeite!
This is a place for everone who appreciate the first Shitennou. Info, pics, fanworks, multimedia and more. You name it, I'll do my best to provide it!

For new visitors, a look at the sitemap is recommended. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, there is a short profile on Jadeite available. A last tip... hover the outlined pics for a surprise.

I, webmistress of this place and self-proclaimed Jadeite no Miko, go by the net-name of Dancing Moon. One can describe me with two words: Completely obsessed ^_^ With manga in general, Jadeite in particular.

All questions and comments about Jadeite, the site or the world in general can be sent to dancing_moon@hotmail.com. It would also make my day if you signed the Guestbook.


6 December - Another rant has been added! Credits slightly updated; I got an award from Yumimeru.
I'll be very busy til after New Year's, so updates will come sparse... but I've got a few surprises waiting, if you are just patient ^_~
King of Illusion is holding a fanart contest. Please join!

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