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Doujinshi Gallery

Doujinshis, the Japanese fanzines, come in all kinds and qualities. Here not yet published artists can let their imagination run free, and the result is often as odd as it is hilarious.

There exists a huge amount of Sailor Moon dj, raging from innocent stories abut the Senshi discussing Usagi's hair, to hardcore sex involving all possible (and impossible) characters. And yes, some people have even made dj's involving the Dark Kingdom cast!
Unfortunately, dj's are quite difficult to come by, since they are produced in a much smaller number then 'real' manga.

But, I've managed to get my hands on a few nice Jeddy images, and now present them to you ^_^ All come from Moon Fight volume 1; a collection of several short stories. Most of them are comedy, ranging from lightly perverted parodies to fun trinkets of cuteness.

Senshi no Kyuusoku - The Senshi's Holiday


Heavy Communication


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