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Send me Stuff!!!
I WELCOME stuff for my page!!!! Here's what I would like!!!

1) Animal Pictures (especially cows of course)
2) Animal Stories  (especially  about cows)

      If you send in stuff , and I like it, I might put it on my homepage! As for the animal stories, not only can they appear on this page, but also in my newsletter
(Experiences). Go to Antradain Newsletter and Experiences Newlsetter on  favourite links to see how to subscribe  my newsletter and another by a friend. Just email me at sjones@systronix.net.
I have dedicated this page to my friend Adelle and her love for cows, though anyone can look at my page (of course).
Cow and Other Animal Pictures
Cow and Other Animal Stories
    This section is for the people who have written in cow stories. So far no one has so this section remaines empty.
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