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Character Name: Berven the Mouse
Species/Creature: Mouse
Known Family Members:
His wife Lenaya he met when he was rescued from the sea, just south of River Moss. They became friends and then married 6 seasons later. After Lenaya's mother died (her name is not known), they set off from the sea. Lenaya hardly knew her father because he was a warrior and a rover more than her mother. He had set off after a small band of vermin when Lenaya was hardly a season old and never returned. Berven never met him. Berven remembers nothing of his parents or the life he had before being rescued. After he was rescued, he only remembered his name. Lenaya and her mother suspected he was from the south-wester island of Ruhe Baum, which is almost direstly west from Southsward (it bears, even there, slightly south). Berven and Lenaya have a daughter, Savena, and a son, Peter. Peter and his wife (Erana) have two sons: Bemver and Debim. Savena never married.
Berven is believed to have been born on Ruhe Baum, an island almost exactly west from Southsward (slightly to the south still). He was found in the sea, barely alive, just south of River Moss by Lenaya and her mother. By the accent Berven carried, they immediately assumed that he was from Ruhe Baum. Berven remembered nothing of his past except his name. Berven lost his accent within a season. six seasons later after meeting Lenaya, she and Berven were married. A season and a half later, Lanaya's mother died. Berven and Lenaya, having nothing more to really keep them by the sea, moved more inland and wandered until they came upon Jade Rock Fortress. Jade Rock Fortress was hardly eight or nine seasons old since it was founded and built by Clesna the badger, Yutan the hedgehog (and his family), and Nurrum the mole (and his family). When Berven arrived, Yurtan and ?Nurrum and gone to their rest, but Clesna was still the leader of Jade Rock. Jadelicia was but a dibbun at this time. Berven and Lenaya had to children: Pter and Savena. Lenaya died beofre the younger of the two was 3 seasonos old. Even to this day, the Infermer confesses they have no idea what could have happened. She simply died during her sleep one night. Berven grieved, but he took comfort in the fact that she had gone to be with her mother and the father she never knew (for its assumed he's dead). Peter married Erana and had two children: Bemver and Debim. Savena did not marry. Both Savena and Peter enjoyed gardening and the peacefulness of it. Bemver, like his father, was a peaceful type and enjoyed fishing. Debim, however was a warrior straight through from the beginning. Berven believes he inherited this trait from his great-grandfather, Lenaya's father. verven took up Record Keeping when he first arrived at Jade Rock and became the Member Record Keeper in five seasons.
Short Description:
Berven is a very jolly fellow. He has light brown fur with a few spots of grey. He enjoys his member record keepgin a lot, since he's the type of beast that loves organization. With food he's opposite to a hare and is a light eater.
Character Name: Bluemoon the Badger
Species/Creature: Badger
Known Family Members:
It's obvious she knows her mother, but she won't speak about her. Tarmin is her father.
She won't speak about anything much of what happened before she came to Jade Rock Fortress. When she arrived at Jade Rock, she simply asked if she could stay and live her days out in peace. Tarmin, who had arrived only a few months earlier, recognized Bluemoon immediately, as did Bluemoon when she saw him. At first they spoke little to each other; however, as time went on, Bluemoon began gardening with her father. It was Monevia who first found out they were related. She was sitting up in a tree, pruning it, when she overheard Bluemoon call Tarmin "father". Moevia, at first, said nothing of this to anyone. Later, her conscience got the better of her and her eavesdropping, and she spoke with Bluemoon and Tarmin. Monevia asked why they had said nothing of this before. Bluemoon said she was afriad they'd have to explain all of what happened to her mother which would have been hard for them. Tarmin only said that she was dead because of a ruthless murder by vermin.
Short Description:
Blue moon is very quiet, but whenever trouble arrises of evil creatures threatening good, she seems to talk to no one at all, inatead going off on her own to defent good. Bluemoon appears to have some sort of warrior spirit with in her, which is not from her ather. As for physical appearance, she has two white white stripes running from her nose all the way down her back. The left one has a blue tinge among the white. Her left eye (both eyes are dark brown) has a blue sparkle when she is in the right lighting. She is very fond of gardening and loves the ocean.