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Jade Rock Fortress

Jadelicia's Hompage
Our Members of Jade Rock Fortress
  You walk around the corner of a great hallway and notice a small door at the end. When you come closer you notice a sign which reads 'Member Record Holdings'. You knock and an old voice calls you to come in. In you come and find yourself in a dark study-like room. There is one small window at the far side which is mostly covered with deep red colored valvet curtains. The room is packed with books and shelves. In one corner of the room there is a dark wooden table with an old mouse sitting at it.
    "Welcome to the records and charts of members. I am Berven, the member record keeper. You look new here." Berven beckons you to a small chair beside his desk. "Please sit down."
    You walk over to the desk.
    "I suppose since your new here you would like to see the present records of members. They should be somewhere here..."
     Berven shuffles through a stack of papers. Finally he pulls out a rather long piece of paper with a list of names on it. "Here they are." He hands the paper to you. You find written upon the paper the following:
Current Members of Jade Rock Fortress:
Formal Leader
Jadelicia the Hare
Main Record Keeper
Johnny the Mole
Berven the Mouse
Member Record Keeper
Other Record Keepers
Gatehouse Keepers
Slickgreen the Newt
Keepers of the Gardens
Monevia the Squirrel
Bluemoon the Badger
Kaleta the Shrew
Ailoiv the Bankvole
Peter the Mouse
Sevena the Mouse
Tarmin the Badger
Tarmin the Badger
Tour Guiders of the Garden
Peter the Mouse
Kaleta the Shrew
Goldwater the Otter
Keepers of the Ponds
Summer the Otter
Vember the Otter
Fishing Beasts (Keepers of the Fish)
Roskin the Hedgehog
Bemver the Mouse
Cleopatra the Bankvole
Nomber the Mouse
Quickpaw the Stoat
Writers and Small Journal Keepers
Slebana the Fox
Sunnight the Otter
Karry the Squirrel
Silverbeak the Meadowlark
Chestnut the Squirrel
Official Warrior(s)
Luke the Mouse
Goldheart the Rabbit
Junior Warriors
December the Chick-a-dee
Lucy the Squirrel
Lisa the Squirrel
Debim the Mouse
Rinff the Weasel
Rosefall the Hare
Griffin Swiftblade (otter)
Head of the Kitchens
Elana the Mouse
Kitchen Workers
Vana the Bankvole
Hencer the Mouse
Jayla the Squirrel
Vessa the Mouse
Verlex the Fox
May the Mouse
Infirmery Keepers
Caleta the Shrew
Lavia the Mouse
Kirrin FrostRose (Weasel)
Main Librarian
Oakfeather the Scholar (Owl)
Lindoniss the Hedgehog
Assitant Librarians
Garzon Stealtalon the Otter
Yissain the Swallow
Ualia the Owl
Kinsa the Shrew
Narralea the Newt
Dibbuns Ivia the Squirrel
Bevy the Mouse
Lanse the Mouse
Rosewater the Otter
Esnal the Hedgehog
  "Those are all of our creatures of Jade Rock." Berven says to you as you finish reading the list. "If you would like to become a member, please take a visit to the joining room down the wing. Jadelicia, will be waiting there. She works there most of the time, always welcoming new members." He smiles at you as you walk out the door.
If you would like to know a little bit more about the characters/members please click on the star or check beside their name. Clicking directly on their name will bring you to the member's own page. If a name has a star beside it, it means the character is unnactive and is open to someone joining as that character. If the character has a blue checkmark, this means that the character is active and a member is that character. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please email me at sjones@systronix.net. Please also note that not all the character descriptions will be up immediately....give me some time.
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