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Colonization Introduction
Well, I'll try to explain this game as best as I can, but it's such a big game with so much to explore, I almost suggest that you just go get the game and play around and explore it yourself.
When you start a game, you go back to the 1470's or so and you are a discoverer of the "New World". You have the option at the beginning of the game to be English, French, Dutch, or Spanish. You also have the option to come into a section of the Americas, or you can customize your new world and have the computer make it for you. After you come into the new world you establish colonies, an economy, and a military. Eventually, when you feel sufficient enough and you have AT LEAST 50% rebels in your colonies you can declare independence. But beware, you will then have to defeat the armies of the king. Before that happens, however, you will come in contact with you European rivals. You may establish peace treaties with them, or break them into a war, in which you may attack them and take over their colonies. You will also come in contact with the indians. The following tribes you may meet: Arawak, Aztec, Inca,Tupi, Iroquois, Cherokee, Sioux, and Apache. It is crucial to keep peace with the indians when playing harder levels of Colonization. The natives (indians) can prove to be more dangerous in warfare than you would have thought.

Well, that's about all there's to it....have fun!

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