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Well, here are my screenshots. Enjoy...nothing more to say. Oh, wait, to save them just right click on them and press save as. You know what to do from there. More coming!
Well, this is one of my French games. Most of my colonies are down below and are not showing on this screen shot. If you look up on the small map in the corner it shows that Penobscot (the colony that is cut off by "the price of Rum...") is English. Well, soon after I took that screen shot. I took over the colony.
Yah, this is one of my dutch games....don't remember which one. I guess it must be the soldiers turn.
This game is looking pretty good. It's a Spanish game with a lot of resources (as you can see from all the sugar cane, tabbaco, and silver icons). I am now later in that game and there are food resources down below that large range of mountains on the right side where it hasn't been explored.
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