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Descent II Demos
Ok...I've finally found a way to get the demos so you can access them. It will be slightly more complex than I would have liked it to be though....

I am sorry that you cannot directly download the demos from my site....geocities doesn't accept the file type. What you have to do, if you would like the demo, is  email me with the file name of the demo (ex: 14robots.dem) and I will email it to you with intructions of where to put it and how to view it. You don't have to worry about viruses...I have an updated virus scanner, though you still might want to scan them (it's better to be safe than sorry :-). Anyways, here are the links to the descriptions different demos I have "in stock":


(the unlinked aren't up quite yet....please be patient :-)

Questions? Email me at sjones@systronix.net.

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