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Descent II Screen Shots
For all you descent fans out there, here's some screen shots for you....so take a look and if you want to save one just right click on it and press save as.
Well, this might have been my brother's screenshot...I can't remember. Probably is because I would have already had the ammo rack so I could have picked up those concussion missles.
This is a screen shot of part of the movie which comes after you exit the lava levels.
This would be when I was playing a network game with my brother. Hmmm.....it looks like level 5, but I could be wrong. As you can see I have just picked up a flag and am about to score another point for team blue.
This is level five (at least I am pretty sure) and as you can see, I decided to get creative with the guidebot's name and call her Xiltia. Don't ask...just one of those moments where I felt like making up some strange name.
If you have any Descent II screen shots...please send them to me at sjones@systronix.net. Thanks
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